Recycled Fur Jacket

      One thing you should know about me is that I don't buy fur. However, my mother doesn't share my distaste for fur. A little while back I found a fur jacket my mother bought me for my first ever Halloween (I was a princess and in true Canadian fashion, it was snowing). Like a scene out of Tommy Boy, I tried on the jacket and after a couple of ripping noises and manoeuvring to get the coat off, I realized this sexy piece didn't fit. Because it has sentimental value for me I figured it would be the perfect piece to repurpose.
     With my trusty seam ripper I removed the sleeves and decided to make two pieces out of the coat-- a vest and a scarf. The vest only required resizing the arm holes; I apparently no longer have small child arms. There wasn't enough fur in the sleeves to make a full fur scarf. So I cut two similar sized rectangles and sewed them to the ends of a longer piece of fabric to make my scarf. With a couple of snaps discreetly sewed on the ends, it is also a fur circle scarf.