Beige Print Jacket

I have a bad habit of not having all the pictures I need for one post on a piece I’ve sewed. I like blogging semi-regularly, so I try to get things up even if it's not exactly a full post. I’m trying to get a routine going of blogging regularly to feel more productive. That being said, I did manage to get pictures of what my last post looks like worn.  

Loved the last version of this jacket so much I wasn't prepared to like this one even more. I know the other version will get more wear because how much I wear blue and how easy it will match most of my wardrobe. But if anything will encourage me to change my habit of not wearing beige, it will definitely be this! I've always been a fan of more geometric prints so this is right up my alley. What I also like about this jacket is that it feels perfectly spring. A great piece to wear when the weather starts getting warmer but hasn't crossed over to actually being warm. 

The fit of this pattern also makes it a winner in my book. Cascade sweaters/jackets have a tendency to be really loose fitting, but this version happens to be slimmer fitting. I don't like tight tops but I also don't like pieces that are too loose and this straddles that line.


New In - Diy Cascade Jacket

I liked my last version of this jacket so much I figured why not make another? I thought this one would work better because this fabric is more lightweight and has more drape. With spring just around the corner, a jacket in a lighter colour would be nice to have. Since I've already made this jacket twice before (here & here), it was a quick and easy sew.  The only thing I did different was in the cutting of the pattern pieces. To save fabric I cut the body in a different direction from the sleeves. 

The cascade part drapes more naturally on this version. That extra drape, plus the print, makes this version a lot more fun. 

Once again, questioning putting a snap or something to give the option of closing it up. Mostly I added this picture to give a glimpse of how fun the print is. I love the the difference between how it looks vertically on the body and horizontally on the sleeves.


Just Finished - Denim Tank

After making my new denim jacket there was only enough fabric to make one more basic piece. I did go back and forth over my options, but eventually, I decided a new top was the way to go. It was a quick project, all I had to do was pull out my diy tank top pattern (I've used plenty of times already here, here, & here) and get to working. I always use my own tank top pattern because it fits exactly the way I want it to. I like my tank tops loose and vaguely long. But the reason I really like the pattern is because of the armhole fit. I personally like it to be loose and low underneath my armpits.

Personally I can never have enough tank tops because I wear them year around. It's nice having one that's slightly different because of the denim fabric with the slight texture to it.


Clothing Pet Peeves

I should probably mention I have really specific likes when it comes to clothes. There is a long list of things I like to wear and how I like things to fit. I'm pretty sure that is why I like making my own clothes instead of buying. That side of me came into play when I bought this sweater. I've never been one to own many sweaters, weird considering I've always lived in cold cities, but I've fixed that a bit this winter with a couple purchases. I found this sweater on sale at H&M a while back and quickly snapped it up.  I bought it even though the zipper pully made my eye twitch. I have a very odd aversion to matching light colours with dark colours. So the fact there is a white zipper pull with this entirely dark knitted sweater drove me nuts.

A quick snip with my scissors fixed that problem supper quick. Someone else might have left it there, but it was driving me insane. Being weirdly picky with my clothes is something that I've always dealt with in different ways. I know everyone has different preferences and clothing pet peeves I just thought I'd share one of mine.


What I Wore - Green Winter Staple

Back in the fall when I posted about searching for a new jacket (x), I did end up finding the one I'm wearing in the photo. I'm used to cold Canadian winters (it's been -20 for like 3 weeks straight back in Montreal) so I thought it would be a fall jacket only. But since the weather has hovered around 0 (usually on the plus side), I've been able to wear this coat quite often this winter. It's rain and wind proof which makes it a lot warmer than I thought it would be. 

Weirdly enough, green is one of my least liked colours. Somehow though, olive green is one of my favourite colours. I haven't posted many outfit photos because this is basically what I've worn more than half the time.