What I Wore - Fur & Tweed

My outfit yesterday was little different that what has been required recently. For the first time, I didn't need a really bulky warm coat with the nice warm day we had. I pulled out my fur vest from an old refashion and paired it with a tweed blazer that I tailored after thrifting it. The blazer is old but I blogged about the vest here

Striped Knit Long Sleeve Shirt

I realized I didn't really have many long sleeve shirts in my wardrobe so I made myself a fairly simple one.


New In - Plaid Coat

Best part about having super loud jackets? You can wear extremely simple clothes underneath and the whole outfit still ends up fun. 

I found this jacket while thrifting and had to have it. I'm thinking of making it a little fitted but i'm not sure I will. Looking at the jacket and how it's sewed together it's clear that it's meant to be boxy and not fitted so I might just stick with the shape. I took off the belt because I'm in the process of fixing it and making a little change though.


Diy Floral Skirt

Don't mind me, I'm just casually rebelling against winter by making myself some mini skirts. This is another second hand fabric I found for only 50 cents. There wasn't much of it, but I thought it would make a great little skirt. 

Nothing really special about the skirt but I really love it. It didn't take much time and it was really cheap to make, which means it is perfect in my eyes!

What I Wore - Blue & Brown

My outfit yesterday was weirdly colour coordinated. I actually didn't mean to wear so much brown and blue, but once I put on my pants, shirt, and sweater I didn't have much choice with the other pieces. I'm avidly against wearing brown and black, so I had to pair my outfit with whatever brown outerwear pieces I had. 

Coat // Thrifted
Sweater // Banana Republic
Shirt // Club Monaco 
Pants // Urban Outfitters
Shoes // Winners Refashions
Scarf // Diy


New in - Metallic Purple Skirt

I mentioned just in the post before that, I'd probably wear my new top with a skirt in the summer. Upon perusing my wardrobe, I realized I didn't have skirt that would go with it. Best thing about being able to sew? Quickly fixing any wardrobe deficiencies. I saw this metallic purple fabric at a second hand shop for $1 for about 2 metres. That was a year ago and only now have I gotten around to making something out of it.  

The fabric is a dark metallic purple which is why it actually looks like different colours in both of the pictures, neither of which actually show what the colour really looks like. All I had to do was add a zipper I had laying around and I managed to make a new skirt in no time. I'll probably get a lot more wear out of the skirt then the top, but I definitely like how the two new pieces look together.  

Diy Peter Pan Collar Top

Not terribly excited about this shirt but... here is my first Peter Pan collar top. I guess my reasoning behind this post is, if I only put up clothes I think are great, then I'm not really documenting the things I make, just basically boasting... 

I got this Butterick pattern on sale and had these fabrics stashed at home, so this was the end result. I'm really not a fan of the print on this fabric, otherwise the fit and style are pretty basic. I'll definitely try this top again with nicer fabrics. This top will probably end up being worn with a skirt in the summer.    


Diy Silk Circle Skirt

I definitely have enough short circle skirts in my wardrobe... but I couldn't resist making this. I found this amazing silk fabric second hand a while ago and felt the urge to sew something out of it. I decided a beautiful floral silk needed to be something slightly girly, hence, the circle skirt. It really isn't the season for it yet but I'll be ready when it is!


What I Wore - Blizzard Wear

Isn't it just grand living in a winter wonderland? I feel like this winter is snowier than usual, which is wrecking havoc on all my plans. I wore this coat today because I love being able to wear the collar up and just be engulfed in faux fur. Well, that's until you've been outside in the snow for too long and it ends up just being wet fur...

The snow and cold were not helping me take pictures so this is all I got for ya! I did manage to finish some sewing projects which will be up on the blog soon though :)


What I Wore - Trench Vest & Denim Trench

Trying to be a good little blogger and get some daily photos up. I figure I'll put in the effort and make it a routine. If it feels more natural and routine, then it will be easier in the future. The goal is to get at least 5 posts a week of both outfits and diys. 

Pulled another winter layering outfit with my trusty trench vest. The vest isn't very bulky which helps because the denim trench is a lot thicker than it looks.