Song of the Day - Blue & The Green

I feel I'm always talking about how long it's been since I've done something. Someone apparently is a pretty inconsistent blogger. 


Just Finished - Green Fringe Cowl

The knitting really has become a thing this winter. This scarf was almost exactly like the last cowl I knitted so to make it a little different I added the fringe all around it. I'm not entirely sure how commited I am to the fringe but for now it stays.


New In - Black Lace Up Top

Sometimes you just have to make something pretty plain. I had been yearning for a lace up top for quite some time now and just never got around to buying one. So when I saw plain black fabric at my local thrift shop, I decided I'd just make my own. I knew I had some grommets around so I didn't need to buy anything else to get the piece done. I really wanted a plain black long sleeve top that I could add to my wardrobe. Like most of the things I've made recently, I decided to add a curved hem. The only issue I had with the top was deciding what I wanted to use to lace it up. I ended up using a braided cotton crochet thread but I think it's likely I'll replace it with a leather cord next time I see some to buy.


Just Finished - Knit Braided Headband

I bought this nice thick yarn last winter to make a hat out of it. The yarn was only enough for half a hat with the stitch I tried. I put it away and completely forgot about it. But while roaming the internet I saw these instructions for a headband and decided I really wanted to try it. I'm not entirely sure how much of a knit headband person I am (especially with the amount of wild curls I have) but I still really like the headband. You might be able to tell in this picture I accidentally lost track of where I was in the pattern and ended up messing up the braiding a little bit but you can only tell if you're looking for it. 


Inspiration - Boucle Jacket

Inspiration - Boucle Jacket

I have this habit of falling in love with something and kinda rolling with it. It doesn't matter whether it's a style, colour, or fabric. A switch in my head turns on and it's all I can think of. Right now, it's boucle and fringe. I'm definitely obsessing over it. I'd thought I'd visualize for you guys where my heads at, and who knows, maybe you'll be seeing something like these here on me soon. 


New In - Black Fringy Dress

I realize this dress might not be everyone's tastes but I really love it. As much as I love black, it is really easy for it to make clothes a little boring. The texture/fringe on this dress really makes the dress interesting and different. For those worried it's a bit revealing, I have a slip dress that works perfectly underneath for a more conservative look.


Song of the Day - Malt Liquor

I woke up late today and it's sent my entire schedule out of wack. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can't get a grip on what you need to get done. This song kind of reminds me of that feeling.

Just Finished - Black Double Puff Knit Hat

No shortage of knit pieces here on the blog lately, so without further ado, here's another. The hat is made out of a really nice and soft sock yarn and the ribbing out of a plain black yarn. Sometimes you just need something a little playful to wear.


Finished - Plaid Jacket

I've been lagging behind on posting the things I've sewn, which isn't exactly new. I manage to get a picture up on my Instagram (3 weeks ago for this jacket) but for some reason forget to post it here. I'm not entirely sure I can call this a jacket considering it's thickness but that's what I'm going with. What I wanted for my wardrobe was a long sleeve layering pieces for the winter and this fits the bill.  


Inspiration - Boucle Fringe Skirt

I know it's not close to skirt weather yet but I'm definitely yearning to make quite a few. On the top of my list is a boucle/tweed fringe skirt. I don't have anything to make one but I've already started searching for different styles/inspiration.

  1. MSGM Fringed Boucle Skirt
  2. MSGM Fringed Boucle Skirt
  3. Maiyet Fringed Boucle Skirt
  4. Adam Selman Frayed Denim Skirt
  5. Tory Burch Cotton Blend Tweed Skirt
  6.  River Island Pink Tweed Skirt
  7. MSGM Boucle A-line Skirt
  8. MSGM Boucle Fringe Skirt
  9.  Thakoon Lace Inset Mini Skirt
  10. Adam Lippes Fringe Hem Skirt
  11. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Basket Weave Skirt
  12. MSGM Tweed Short Skirt

Song of the Day - Genghis Khan (Empress Of Remix)

Sometimes a song needs a good remix to make it that much better. To celebrate it being Saturday, here is exactly what you should have, something to dance to. 


Just Finished - Black Transparent Fringy Dress

Getting back into the habit of getting things done around here and it feels nice. I found this black fabric a local second hand shop and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that it would come home with me. Something about the transparent black with the scraps sewn onto it everywhere appealed to my inner being. I thought the fabric would work perfectly as a simple dress. Just a simple loose fitting tank dress with a curved hem would let the fabric just be itself. Like most things I make out of transparent fabric, I didn't line the dress. I like the freedom of choosing what to wear underneath to choose just how revealing I want to be when I wear it. Will hopefully get a pic up soon of how it looks worn.  

Song of the Day - I Am A Loner

My usually playlist general contains plenty of up-beat/fun music. It's probably because I'm the type to blare music at home and host my own dance parties. But lately I've been into moody laid-back music. I'm trying to not read too much into this change of character... Don't worry about me and enjoy this track. 


Just Finished - Print Tank Top

This tank top was made from the last piece of the same fabric I've used to make multiple pieces I've blogged about. You might remember it from a tank dress with tie,  a shawl collar dress,  or a long sleeve gathered top. The tank was initially supposed to be a little more interesting with flounce sleeves, but they didn't really work out. In the end I think the print is nice enough that it looks great as just a plain tank top.  

Song of the Day - Trouble With Us

How about something a little funkier for the song of the day? 


Just Finished - White Knit Hat

Yeah I know... I have a knitting problem. Still can't get over how much I knit for someone who absolutely hates knitting. The pull of knit pieces is too much for me to stop, I can't help it. I actually only started this hat because I wanted to try a new stitch. I came across the stitch and decided to try it using this video tutorial. I thought I wouldn't wear a white toque but it's barely left my head. I will eventually get a picture of it worn for you guys, but until then, this is one of my newest toques.