Elsewhere - Pinterest Shoe Obsession

Booties With Heels

I think it is important to share my shoe obsession with you guys. The obsession itself is virtual because weirdly enough, I don't actually buy many shoes. But basically daily I'm over on my Pinterest finding shoes to post on my Shoe Board. If your into seeing new shoes to lust over as much as me, feel free to follow!


What I Wore - Pleated Crop Top & Shorts

When I get some free time I've gotten into the habit of going on bike rides. Today I threw on my pleated crop top and some shorts and got out into the warm weather that I'm sure isn't going to last much longer. 

Shirt // Diy 
Shorts // Thrifted Refashion
Shoes // Steve Madden


New In - Diy Mint Green Tank Dress

I walked past this fabric at the fabric store and knew I had to buy it. I really like a mint green/seafoam green colour but don't actually own anything in that colour. Personally I thought the fabric was nice enough that I didn't need to do anything complicated with it.

This is a favourite fit and shape for a dress. Just simple and lose with a curved hem. The extra panel was added mostly because I love drapey dresses and this gives me the option of making it look drapey.

Song of the Day - What I Like

I find it hard to put into words how much I really love this song. But take a listen and you'll know that this one is a winner.


Next Project - Beige/Yellow Jacquard Blazer

New fabric usually equals new project in the works. Whether or not I've planned and know what the project is can be a toss up. But this time I know exactly what I want to make with my brand new fabric. Pretty soon (hopefully) you'll be seeing a shiny new blazer.

Song of the Day - I Wear Glasses

"I wear glasses so that I can see you better" is going to be my new pick-up line. Obviously I'll follow it up by pushing my glasses up and snort-lauging.


Diy - Floral Arrangement

Somewhere down the rabbit whole of internet surfing, I saw something I wanted to try. I saw a quick picture of a helpful tip for floral arrangements that I thought would help me step up my florist game. Luckily I still had some roses in the garden I could experiment with.

Song of the Day - Veins

Pretty sure Sundays are made for moody music. These lyrics are definitely moody and Keyes voice sounds delightfully melodic.


Diys To Try

The weekend, with all that free time, is the perfect opportunity to try some diy projects. It looks like I'm going to have nothing but time so I might try one of these fantastic finds
1) Painted Frames

Song of the Day - Worry Bout It

Saturday, as far as I'm concerned, should always include some hype dance jams. So here's a trap remix of Fetty Wrap & Kirko Bangz.   


What I Wore - Flag Crop Top & Shorts


It's been hot enough this week that I've been able to dress for the summer. I pulled out one of my crop tops that you've seen on the blog before (here). Looking at this picture I realize that sometimes I should remember to pull out an iron every once in a while.

Top // Diy
Shorts // Thrifted Refashion
Shoes // Corello

New Songs - Girls Your Age

Slight change of pace with this slow and moody track. It's hard to not love a song with the line "Live fast while your young, don't go chasing love".  


What I Wore - Black & Brown Summer Layers

What? An outfit without a single piece I've sewn? Every once and a while, it happens. 
Button Up // Zara
Beige Top // DKNY
Vest // Le Garage
Skirt // Thrifted Refashion

Song of the Day - Coming Over

Some songs fall firmly under the category of summer music. Dillon Francis & Kygo decided to release a summer song at the end of summer, but who am I to judge?  


Song of the Day - All Time Low

Try this funky Wednesday track to get over the weekly hump. 

New In - Summer Shawl Collar Dress

I love the feeling of having a new dress. There's something about a dress that excites me more than other pieces of clothes. What makes that weird for me to say is that, I think I've mentioned before, I don't really like buying/making dresses. Usually when given a choice, I'd pick any other piece of clothing over a dress. It's not because I don't like dresses - I do - It's because I don't like how a dress is usually the entire outfit. I love clothes and I love variety. And usually there is just less variety in the possible outfit possibilities when dealing with a dress. That being said, I love a nice dress and I think I made myself a pretty cute one.


Song of the Day - Hiy Hiy

I had an awful night where I didn't get much sleep. That means today I need some fun music to keep me awake. Take a listen! 


What I Wore - Lots of Black & White

Weirdly enough, warm weather waited until August to arrive. Of course that means I've dusted off my crop tops and miniskirts. I do believe I mentioned how often I wear my own sewn pieces, here's another example. This embroidered organza crop top diy is a favourite summer piece. The light airiness of it makes it great for warm weather.

Top // Diy 
Skirt // H&M
Sandals // Steve Madden  

Song of the Day - Nobody Has To Know

Getting over my Monday by listening to fun upbeat jams. Here's a track to dance to on a dreary Monday.   


New In - Pleated Crop Top

I mentioned on my last diy that I had originally wanted to make a half pleated skirt and changed my mind half way through. After I finished the skirt, I was left with a strip of fabric already pleated. I decided it might be fun to have a pleated top to go with my new skirt.

The top is definitely a great piece that has already gotten quite a bit of wear. The pleats give it some visual interest and the slightly longer length for a crop top makes it easier to pair with different pieces.

Top // Diy 
Skirt // Diy

Song of the Day - Gold

Two in two days? Well, I'm a fan of laid-back jams and wanted to share. 


What I Wore - Geometric Skirt & Boyfriend Blazer

I post a lot about the clothes I make, but I'm not entirely sure if it comes across how often I wear them. I figured it might help showing the different ways I've actually worn my diys. It would have been easier to just pair this skirt with just a beige/white shirt like I did before, but instead I decided to do a little print mixing. I decided since the top and skirt both have a similar shade of beige in them they would totally match (who knows if others would agree). The oversized blazer is a great thrift find that would help tie the whole look together. 

Blazer // Thrifted DKNY
Blouse // Nine West    
Skirt // Diy

Song of the Day - Weight In Gold

Haven't done one of these in a while! Sometimes you just need a soulful slow jam. 


New In - Pleated Skirt

I should probably be embarrassed by how far behind my blog is compared to my instagram. This is what happens you're super busy and a bad blogger; you get distracted and forget to post what you have. Forgive me and feast upon a newish skirt to my wardrobe. 


Change Is Around The Corner

What?!?! I haven't felt like things have been working out with the blog, so... I've decided to spice things up (mostly just for my sake). There will be a slightly different theme going on with my blog posts. I've been thinking of making the blog more of a lifestyle blog. For a while now, most of the posts have been about my sewing. This means, if I'm not sewing regularly, then I don't have anything to post. There will be a larger variety of blog posts instead, and a slightly different look. These changes won't happen overnight, but soon enough, my little Wallarand will be entirely different!