Diy - Floral Arrangement

Somewhere down the rabbit whole of internet surfing, I saw something I wanted to try. I saw a quick picture of a helpful tip for floral arrangements that I thought would help me step up my florist game. Luckily I still had some roses in the garden I could experiment with.

The quick tip I found was to create a grid on your vase with some scotch tip to help arrange your flowers. I didn't have any scotch tape so I used a thin painter's tape I had laying around. 

After I got the vase ready I went outside and picked some roses from the garden. It is a bit late in the season so the roses weren't exactly fresh but most of them looked good enough to showcase for a few days in the house. All I did was separate them a bit so that I had more stem/flower sections to work with and start arranging them around the outside of the vase creating layers and working my way to the middle/top. 

The arrangement itself would have looked better if the roses weren't on their last dying breath, but it's late in the season and that's all I had. I know the colours are a little random as well. I wanted the white/light pink flowers but didn't really have many left outside. None of that really matters because the whole point was to see if using tape to make a grid made it easier to make the arrangement itself, which it did. The tape made it a lot easier to keep the flowers in place and make sure there weren't any gaps. Would love to give this another try but it's the end of the summer and I don't have any flowers left (sad emoji).