What I Wore - White & Brown Summer Layering

It feels nice being able to seamlessly blend my diy pieces and pieces I've bought in my wardrobe. I've worn this crop top on the blog before with just shorts, but this time I decided to layer it over another top I made. I paired the two pieces with my white Mavi jeans which are perfect summer pants. I just folded the jeans under to make them cropped so they wouldn't cover my sandals. 

Crop Top // Diy
Shirt // Diy
Pants / Mavi
Sandals // H&M Refashion


What I Wore - Blue Summer Layering

Still managing to get use out of clothes I've made myself. The best part of sewing your own clothes is ensuring you sew clothes you'd like to wear often. Yesterday I wore my flounce dress which still is one of my favourite dresses because of the interesting print. I paired that with my blue top I made a while ago in one of my favourite shades of blue. Really the reason I wore the top over the dress is because I have a weird issue about not wearing the same outfit multiple times. Life is more interesting when you change things up.  

Shirt // Diy
Dress // Diy

Song of the Day - Julia


What I Wore - Black on Black

Just a quick look of what I wore yesterday. Even though it was a hot outside, this black top stops me from overheating in the sun.  It's great when you manage to get lots of wear out of your diys. I also managed to get a shot of me wearing my new sunglasses to show their reflective lenses. 

Shirt // Diy
Shorts // H&M

Song of the Day - Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People)

Haven't done this in a while so I thought I'd share a song of the day. 


New In - Sunnies

I was on the hunt for a pair of sunglasses that were a little more playful than serious. I found this pair for cheap, which is my #1 prerequisite for sunglasses. I only do cheap sunnies because it doesn't matter how high quality they are, I'll find a way to break them. So when I quickly saw this black pair with reflective lenses I grabbed them for a quirkier look. They're not exactly brand new but a newish addition to my collection.


What I Wore - Red & Girly

Trying slowly to get back into the habit of blogging. I'm not sure how many outfit photos I'll be able to post considering I'm living off the one suitcase I brought instead of my entire wardrobe. Not to mention how many sewing projects I can make considering I'm away from my sewing machine and fabric. So my blogging might look a little different for the next little bit. 

It was interesting packing for my trip to Sweden considering I wasn't quite sure how long I'd stay. I tried to pack pieces I thought would work well in summer and fall. There was definitely more summer pieces because fall clothes weight more and take up more space. But with this skirt I figured the dark saturated colours would work nice in both seasons. The skirt is an old thrift find that I hemmed from a calf length skirt and the shirt is a Suzy Shier sale piece.      

Shirt // Suzy Shier
Shirt // Thrifted Refashion


It's Been A While

I've been in Sweden the last couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to update. Just thought I'd post to let you know I'm alive and well. This is one of the few pictures I have from my visit to Stockholm. Since my instagram hasn't worked in weeks I haven't taken many photos. I will eventually be back to posting regularly!