New In - Gathered Long Sleeved Shirt

I've been so incredibly busy lately I've managed to get behind in everything I need to do. Hopefully things will die down soon and I can get around to having more free time. Until then, here's a picture of the of last sewing project.


Inspiration - Pleated Skirt

Inspiration - Pleated Skirt

The warmer weather has me craving some summer clothes. Honestly, it's not warm enough to wear skirts or dresses, but I want one anyways! If I make something more technically challenging, by the time I finish it will be warm enough to wear it. I've always loved trying new things, so I'm sewing a skirt with pleats for the first time. I haven't decided what it'll look like yet which has led me through the internet rabbit hole for inspiration. I think it will be a fun look to have a skirt that is half pleated, but whether that'll work with the fabric I have lined up, is up for debate. I'm going to start sewing and just hope for the best! 


What I Wore - Lots of Denim

The other day I while getting dressed; I had to take a second and just marvel at how much of my clothes I've sewn myself. There's something incredibly satisfying about putting on clothes that you've sewed with your own two hands. I just feel a lot better knowing that my obsession with fashion has moved to a place where I no longer have to worry about my over consumption of fast fashion. It's also great knowing that even though I'm not shopping as much, I still get to have a wardrobe filled with things I love and want to wear.


Just Finished - Gathered Long Sleeve Shirt

I bought this fabric a while ago and finally finished making something out of it.  I liked the print even though I wish it was scaled down a bit; it was hard figuring out what could showcase the print. Eventually I did decide on something to make that was a quick and easy sew. 

The colour and print felt summery but since the weather isn't, I decided to go a different route. I had a pattern for a plain long sleeve top which I dusted off and added a gathered bottom section for more interest. I know the added volume isn't everyone's taste but I think it contrasts nicely with a pair of skinny jeans. I've been sick so I haven't managed to get a pick of it worn but hopefully that will be up soon.