In Search Of - White Skirt

In Search Of - White Skirt

A white skirt would be the perfect summer piece. Nice, clean, and fresh bottom half to pair with whatever you feel like. I'm currently thinking it's exactly the piece I want for my wardrobe. I'm on the lookout for something not too plain in style. If after a bit of perusing stores I don't find, I'll probably take to my sewing machine. 


Diy Printed Linen Top

I wanted to make sure I got a picture of the top I showed a little while ago on the blog (here). The top itself is pretty basic if you ignore the print. The idea is to use the same fabric for a skirt and have a set of matching separates. We'll see if I get to that and how they'll look together. 

Shirt // Diy
Dress // Vintage
Shoes // Nine West 


What I Wore - New Off-white Tank Top

I've been really into the idea of making sure I have some basics in my closet. What could be more basic than a white tank? Technically this one is off-white, sheer, and has faint stripes but you know what I mean. I just happened to have the fabric for this top laying around so I put it to good use. 

Shirt // Diy
Skirt // Thrifted Refashion
Sandals // H&M

In Search Of - Flirty Wrap Skirt

In Search Of - Flirty Wrap Skirt

I know I'm no stranger to wrap skirts, I've already featured two right here (here & here). However, this time I want one that's a little prettier and flirty. Here's a little visual as to what I'm thinking about. Obviously I'll have to take into consideration what fabric I pick from my stash but I'm excited to get started!


New In - Printed Linen Top

After a slight hiatus, I'm back to sewing pieces regularly. Let me introduce you to my new top. Technically this is another floral piece but it's also a slightly abstract print so you can't really tell. It is going to be a layering piece for my wardrobe and it will fit right in with all the other blue pieces.


What I Wore - White Embroidered Crop Top

Hey look, it's my new crop top.  Yes those are indeed flowers all over it. For a gal that actually doesn't really like floral prints I do own quite a few things with flowers. 

My favourite thing about the top? The embroidered gorgeousness that is the hem.

Crop Top // Diy
Shorts // Thrifted Refashion


What I Wore - Crochet Dress

I bought this "dress" a while ago and always manage to find a chance to wear it. I found it at a Le Chateau outlet store for only $5 I think. It's actually an extra large... which explains the bunching on the arms. It's probably just a sweater, but this is how it fits me, so this is how I wear it! 
Whenever I get dressed I always have in mind a piece I want to wear and just pick an outfit around that piece. Today it was my new H&M sandals. They were on sale for $7 so I bought them on a whim.  I'm actually thinking of refashioning them a bit because I'm not really a pink gal. Stay tuned and maybe you'll see them again slightly different looking. 

Crochet Dress // Le Chateau
Dress // BCBG
Sandals // H&M


New In - Diy Crop Top

Since I've been away for far too long, I really wanted to make sure I got something up on the blog today. Not the best picture of my new top but it's cloudy and dark so it'll have to suffice. I found this embroidered organza fabric in my mother's stash. I don't actually like things that are too dainty and pretty, so to counteract that, I made a boxy crop top. I really need to get a picture of it on to really show what it's like but this is all I have today. I like how it's a bit transparent and has a nice embroidered hem. I think it's going to be a great summer layering piece.