Flounce Skirt

 Sunday is officially sewing day so I spent mine making a new skirt! 


Neutral Boots

These neutral ankle boots are great for end of winter meets spring wear. Personally I'm quite partial to the beige Aldo boots! 


Fur Collar Refashion

I recently bought a camel trench which had a faux fur removable collar. I removed it from the coat because personally I didn't really like it. A couple days later however, I thought it would be a great headband.  

I didn't want to do anything permanent in case I do end up wearing it on the coat, that's where the button holes come into play. 

In my craft stash I found two buttons that fit into the button holes and I cut a piece of elastic that I could string the buttons with. 

I added a quick knot tying the buttons together. 

Placed the buttons through the buttons holes on the collar and voila! 

My new Davy Crockett-esque headband to wear on extra cold days.  


Structural T-shirt

     With a nice thin grey sweatshirt material, a t-shirt was ready to be made. On the list of things I wanted? Strong shoulders, cap-sleeve, plain front, and open back.

New Top Inspiration

Structural Tops

     While looking through my closet I realized I'm not a big t-shirt gal. I decided that I wanted to add one to my collection, however, I wanted it to be unique. The decision was made; I wanted a top with some structure and an interesting back.



     Mugs are absolutely essential to my everyday routines. Honestly, most days the only things I drink are coffee and tea. So naturally I decided I needed a mug that fit my general aesthetic.

My usual mug:

In my craft stash I found what I wanted:

What I did:
1) I taped the bottom of the cup and handle so I could have a straight line
2) I mixed the pearlizing medium with the blue acrylic paint so I could have a blue with some depth
3) I painted the bottom of the cup (3 coats)
4) Once the blue dried, I painted two coats of gloss over the blue
5) Put the cup in oven (not pre-heated) and baked the cup at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 mins
6) Turned off the oven and let the cup cool
7) Once cooled, I removed the cup from the oven and let the cup sit for 2 days
I baked the cup so that I shouldn't have to worry about the paint when washing the cup. It should also be noted that you shouldn't paint with acrylic paint anywhere that will come in contact with your mouth or hot liquids (regularly).