What I Wore - Red & Black Layering

I've been really bad at posting recently which I'll hopefully change. Every once in a while I just go weeks without posting. Sometimes it's because I don't take any pictures but sometimes it's just me getting lazy and not wanting to go on blogger. Recently it's been a case of the latter. This picture was from a little while ago because recently I've been living in my sweats!

Diy White & Brown Skirt

I know I didn't get around to posting a picture of this skirt worn before, so here it is! The skirt is a basic short skirt with a lace overlay. I like the skirt; the only issue is I don't have any tops that seem to go with it other than the one I'm wearing here.  Obviously it's not an issue now that it's too cold to wear it, but next summer I'll probably revamp it to get more wear. 


Diy Zippered Toiletry Pouch

 I found this tutorial online here and decided to give it a try. I needed a new travel toiletry bag and this would fit that purpose perfectly. My version is a little smaller because the zipper I had on hand was smaller. Wax print fabric was used for both the outside and the lining of the box pouch. I figured it would be best for a toiletry bag and easy cleaning.  

I also decided to make bigger loops on the end. I wanted loops that were easier to grab and hold on to and thats exactly how they turned out.