Get The Style - Wrap Skirts With Ties

Wrap Skirts With Ties

I don't know about you but I want every skirt here! Actually, just looking at these here, I think I've convinced myself I have to have one of those navy blue options.


Finished - Beige & Orange Wrap Skirt

I'm a lover of a wrap, always have been. There is something nice and easy about just slipping on a piece and tying it closed. It also helps that wrap skirts (or dresses) that tie are incredibly easy to make. 

When I made the matching tank, I added the orange because I thought it would be an interesting addition to a pretty dull print. I liked it on the tank but I love it on the skirt. The whole skirt is simple, soft, and cute making it a great wear.


What I Wore - B&W Print Mixing

The great thing about having so much black & white clothes is you can just toss a whole bunch of it on and it will go together. The easiest way to wear a print mixing outfit is by having the prints be the same colour. I can't tell you the amount of times I've worn an outfit that is some sort of variation on this same theme, black & white.

Sweater // Winners
Top // Pierre Cardin
Skirt // Diy


Finished - Beige & Orange Tank

Yeah, another tank top, not exactly exciting... but nonetheless, here's a new make of mine.

Lately it's all about curved hems for me. I like them because they look nice layered underneath sweaters which are what I wear most of the year. Sometimes you have to think about how you're wearing a piece instead of just what you want to make.  


Finished - Black & White Print Skirt

Black & White prints are one of my favourites. This one... is particularly awesome. The print and the fabric together are perfect. I decided right after I made this top I knew I wanted a skirt right away. Nice flowy fabric deserves a nice flowy skirt which is why I made this pleated circle skirt. 

Matching separates once again because it's just the way I roll.


What I Wore - Black & White Wrap Dress

I don't usually get Septembers like this so I've been taking advantage of it. I've been pulling out dresses and skirts like my life depended on it.

I've mentioned before the only issue I have with dresses is they don't offer as much of an opportunity to change how an outfit looks. Usually I rely on accessories to alter my looks; this time however, I added a bodysuit with cap sleeves to change things up. I really like how it looks like a different dress with the bodysuit!

Dress // Diy
Bodysuit // H&M
Shoes // Steve Madden


Diys To Try - Hanging String Wall Art

I used to think the idea of some sort of woven wall hanging was not at all my style. I would imagine
macramé wall hangings that would only fit with a strong hippy style. But these diys have definitely changed my mind! Hopefully you'll see something that would be worthy of a weekend diy project.  
  1. Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging
  2. Diy Wall Weaving
  3. Modern Gold Wall Hanging
  4. Modern Tassel Wall Hanging
  5. Plaited Wall Hanging
  6. Modern Yarn Hanging
  7. Dip Dyed Wall Hanging
  8. Large Tapestry Wall Hanging 
  9. Woven Wall Hanging
  10. Weaving Tassel Wall Hanging 


What I Wore - Purple Flounce Skirt

This skirt is actually a new addition to my wardrobe. I didn't bother posting about it because I've made multiple just like it (red, black & a longer purple). If I have a knit fabric there is a 75% chance I'll make a flounce skirt with it.

Vest // Garage
Top //  Jones New York
Bodysuit // H&M
Skirt // Diy
Shoes // Vintage


Finished - Black & White Wrap Dress

Have I ever mentioned how much I love wrap dresses? Something about how easy they are to get on and close really appeals to me. I've showed two others previously (here & here) but this has to be my favourite. 


Finished - Black & White Print Tank

Sometimes when I need something to distract myself I like to whip up a quick tank top. I've done enough of them that it takes no time at all to sew. I find it sewing something nice quickly very therapeutic.

I liked the mint tank I made a little while ago so much I did basically the same thing but this time with a curved hem. It's a simple top but when you have a really nice fabric it will stand out no matter how plain the top is.


What I Wore - Plaid Skirt

There are leaves on the ground like it's fall but the weather still feels very summery. It's actually nice enough outside that I'm still rocking miniskirts. I showed you this skirt before but never got a picture up of how it looks like on.

I like the fact that it's a skirt with pockets but the pockets I chose to add might not have been the best choice. I added the pockets so that they protrude out a bit because I thought that would be cute. But the protruding pockets and having fabric that wrinkles easily means the pockets just look wrinkly most of the time. I still like the skirt and wore it often this summer but it just didn't end up being a great as it could have been.


Finished - Mint Crop Top

After making this dress and tank out of this mint fabric there wasn't much left to work with. Instead of just leaving the tiny piece of fabric with all my others, I decided to quickly sew something with it... a new crop top.

If my closet is going to be full of crop tops I might as well make an effort into making them different. This episode of lazy girl attempts to be different, why not add a sash? Technically it's the same idea I had with the mint tank I made, but this one is in a different place. So... not that creative but I really like it anyways!


Diys To Try - Pillows

I've always felt the easiest way to change the feeling of a living room is to change the pillows you have laying around. It could be a quick & cheap way to change things around as often as you like. To honour that idea here are a few Diys to try!
  1. Scallop Pillow
  2. Stitched Tassel Pillow
  3. Fingerprint Pillow
  4. African Mudcloth Pillow
  5. Sweater Pillow
  6. Knot Pillow


Finished - Mint Tank Top

I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a bit obsessed with tank tops. 80% of all the shirts I own are tank tops. I don't really wear anything else even though I live exclusively live in cold countries. It doesn't matter what season it is, I wear sleeveless tops. Obviously this means I can't have enough because it's all I wear.

When all you wear is one type of top, you try to make sure that it's not too plain. The lazy way out of stopping my tank tops from looking plain lately has been adding ties to my tops. This minty fabric felt perfect for nice ties around the neckline. The amount of times I've worn this top this summer is a bit embarrassing, but what can I say, I love this top.


Finished - Plaid Fringe Skirt

What, another fringe skirt? I liked the look so much when I did it in orange I decided to do make another fringe skirt in plaid. 

I have a thing about not making dresses but making skirts and tops that match instead. I like having the choice of wearing them together so it almost looks like a dress but also having the choice to wear them separate. 


Finished - Plaid Fringe Crop Top

I definitely feel like one person shouldn't have the number of crop tops I currently have. And yet, it hasn't stopped me from making more.

Check out the newest addition to my crop top arsenal.


Get The Style - Fringe Jacket

Fringe Jackets

Maje cami top, 3 480 SEK / St John blue jacket, 9 110 SEK / Ming Wang blue jacket, 2 915 SEK / Tory Burch fringe jacket, 5 105 SEK / Tabula Rasa white jacket, 7 675 SEK / Tagliatore fringe jacket, 4 110 SEK / Isabel Marant jacket, 21 505 SEK / Lanvin jacket, 18 640 SEK / MSGM blue jacket, 6 615 SEK / Marc Jacobs tweed jacket, 17 010 SEK / Chloé sweater jacket, 13 680 SEK / ESCADA tweed jacket, 5 770 SEK / MSGM tweed jacket, 4 770 SEK

I guess this is more to prove to myself that a fringe jacket is something normal people wear and not just me. There were actually quite a few to be found and a lot that I'd buy in a second given the chance.

Finished - Plaid Fringe Jacket

When I bought this fabric I had no clue what I was going to make with it. But whenever I get a lot of a specific I make something with sleeves for some reason. I figure you can't go wrong with a layering piece for cool weather; so why not a plaid fringe jacket?


Finished - Orange Fringe Skirt

Look at that fringe! The things I do out of sheer boredom. Sometimes instead of searching around your wardrobe for something to match it's easier just to make something that does... I was so in love with this top I made I made a skirt to go with it. 

It wasn't that long ago I blogged about wanting to make a boucle fringe skirt. Eventually I do manage to get around to making the things I want. You can see here that I found quite a bit on the internet for inspiration. There were so many beautiful options on that post; however, I also wanted something that would go with the top I made. I decided to go super basic since the top was attention grabbing enough (as basic as an orange fringe skirt can be). 


Diy Mousepad

It's been ridiculously long since I've done a proper tutorial on here. Dusting off the cobwebs and showing you a super quick and easy project where all you need is some fabric, cardboard, and glue. 

You might recognize this fabric since it's been on the blog a few times. I used it for the pleated crop top and the matching pleated skirt. I originally bought the fabric to make a slip cover for a sofa that's in my workroom. The cardboard is from some boxed wine because I'm the type of classy lady that drinks boxed wine. All I had to do was cut out a cardboard rectangle in the size I wanted and a piece in the fabric slightly bigger. After that all you have to do is glue the fabric to the cardboard. Personally I chose to sew the fabric to the cardboard instead but that was just because I knew I'd like the look better.    


Get The Style - Fringe Top

Fringe Tops

Finding tops with fringe is actually harder than it sounds, probably because most people aren't into fringe as much as I am. I did manage to find some interesting takes on the idea for your viewing pleasure.

Finished - Orange Fringe Top

I'm currently having a bit of a fringy moment right now. I love the texture fringe adds to a piece so I've been adding it to whatever I can.

This particular top has to be one of my favourites right now. I love the way the fringe and asymmetry work together to add interest.