Next Project - Abstract Beige Print Shirt

I dont have a fabric store close enough to visit regularly anymore, so it is really great when I manage to find fabrics at any of the second hand shops around town. I'm actually not known for wearing beige clothes but I really liked the print of this fabric. In honor of trying something new I decided to make an exception for it. I'm not entirely sure what I am going to make out of it yet... but there is enough of it to make just about anything I want.

Song of the Day - Pins

It's been a long time since I've done one of these! Been listening to this on repeat for the last little bit.


Denim Cascade Jacket

For some reason I put this jacket up on the blog without a single picture of how it looks on. That was just me being absent minded and a tad bit lazy. It always helps to see something on to really get a feel of how it wears. 

I did mention how happy I am with how this turned out. I've already gotten a bit of wear out of it because I just love it. Personally its great making long sleeve shirts that are actually long on my gangly arms.

I was worried because of the denim it wouldn't drape nicely but it does cascade nicely with a little manipulating. All in all, it ended up being exactly what I wanted.


Just Finished - Denim Jacket

This is another fabric I found while thrifting that I thought I could make something nice out of. With around 2 metres of denim the possibilities were pretty much open. I decided to make something season appropriate like a jacket. 

The pattern (McCall's 6444 which I used once before here) was meant for knits with a bit more drape to them but ended up working just fine with this denim. The cascading part doesn't exactly fall naturally like it does in this picture, but if you just fold the collar down it stays in place.

You can wear it in different ways which I love in a piece of clothing. It's great when you can wear something multiple times without it looking the same each time. 

Somewhat contemplating maybe putting some sort of clasp to give the option of closing it up when it gets real cold. Not entirely sure if I will because I wanted a layering piece more than I wanted an actual jacket.


What I Wore - Blue Once Again

Cold weather means layering all winter long. Not out of place to see me doing it in one of my favourite colours -> blue. It's also great pulling my new long sleeve shirt out and getting some wear out of it. The only slightly difference in my clothing choice is the footwear. After wearing boots for so long its great when there is less snow and I can leave the boots in the closet.


Just Finished - Blue Wooven Sweater

Told you I was going to get right on making something with the blue plaid fabric. There is a small chance that in my rush to get this finished I might have made a little error while doing it... I wanted a sweater with a high neck that wouldn't expose much skin when it gets cold. So obviously in my rush I forgot to make sure it wasn't too high in the front. Because of the zipper, it wasn't going to be the fastest mistake to fix, so being the lazy gal I am, I didn't. Instead I put some matching bias tape inside around the zipper so it can fold down and give a collar look when not zipped. 

Here's a closer look that really captures the textured looked of the sweater.


What I Wore - Blanket Poncho

There has been quite a bit of snow recently which makes me both happy and miss home. I like nothing better than when it's sunny/warm and I'm surrounded by snow. 

Next Project - Blue Wooven Sweater

I went thrifting the other day and managed to find this particular fabric hidden inbetween the shelves. It appealed to me because I liked the colour and thought it looked fun. Since the fabric itself is slightly thick, I'm thinking it would make a great long sleeve shirt. My schedule is pretty open right now so there is a good chance you'll see this done real soon.