What I Wore - Red & White

Ahhh, I remember the days when I used to make things and not just post outfit pictures. I wholeheartedly intend to get back to that but I haven't managed it just yet. I was in the process of making a dress but then I ran out of matching thread so I crawled away from my sewing machine and haven't looked at it since. Looking back at my May I wonder why I didn't commit to Me-Made-May. Most of my outfits include pieces I've made myself, I definitely could have pulled out an outfit a day. Neither of the red pieces worn here were store bought. The shirt is actually really old and the skirt is a remnant of my flounce skirt creating phase (which I don't think I'm out of yet). 

Floral Shirt // Diy
Shirt // Vintage
Skirt // Diy


What I Wore - Matching Separates

I'm slightly worried I might end up wearing way to many crop tops this summer. I absolutely love how light and summery they are. I also have a habit of randomly sewing crop tops out of scraps of fabric that would otherwise have gone unused. So to save face, I won't mention how many I own. I personally only wear crop tops so I end up showing only a sliver of skin. Haven't done enough (by enough, I mean any) crunches to wear them any other way.

I like this outfit because it's slightly differrent from what I usually wear. Yellow is one of the few colours I do not have much of in my closet. With my skin tone being very yellow plus the blond hair, wearing yellow ends up feeling like too much. But the varying shades in the floral print happens to be one of the few times yellow has looked fine on me.  

Crop Top // Vintage
Skirt // Vintage


What I Wore - All Purple

A last minute trip to the theatre to see Captain America meant a quick and lazy outfit. I somehow managed to get a daytime wear out of my diy skirt. Considering it's a shiny metallic purple skirt, not really how I imagined I'd get a wear out of it.  Captain America was great if you're wondering.  

Shirt // Calvin Klein
Skirt // Diy
Shoes // Aldo


What I Wore - Striped Pencil Skirt & T-shirt

Laid-back summer days are definitely the best. It's been a rough start to summer here, but I've finally managed to pull out the light breezy clothes.  Here's one my diy skirts paired with a simple white t-shirt for an easy summer look. It's nice to show that not every dress or skirt I own is super short.

I've been working on a couple of projects so hopefully I'll be able to get them up on the blog soon. I prefer to show things I've done than just things I've worn. 

Shirt // Diesel
Skirt // Diy
Shoes // Aldo


What I Wore - Wide Leg Trousers

Haven't been sewing lately which means plenty of outfit photos. This one in particular includes these really old Miss Sixty pants. Really thinking about making linen pants just like them in a summer colour. My shopping freeze will put that plan on hold though.   

Necklace // Thrifted
Shirt // Vintage
Pants // Miss Sixty 


DIY Pearl Ear Cuff

 It's weird only photographing my ears but I wanted to show my new pearl ear cuff. Because I wear my hair down over my ears, I don't generally wear earrings. Every once in awhile though, I like to change things up. I like the idea of wearing multiple earrings but my ears are only pierced once so an ear cuff gives me that freedom. All I needed was some craft wire and pearl beads and a new ear cuff was born. I paired it with my black pearl earrings for a nice black & white look. 


What I Wore - Black & White

When it's dark outside I tend to dress dark. Black and dark lipstick felt appropriate today. I always wanted a tuxedo jacket, so when I found this blazer secondhand, I knew I had to have it. Not even close to the $100 ones I kept lusting for at Zara and that's why I love thrifting.  And then there's the pleated leather skirt. It's thicker than I would have liked but when you consider what I paid for it, it was definitely worth it. It was originally below the knees but as you might have noticed, I don't wear long skirts. Now I have something I wear and extra leather that I can use. 

Blazer // Thrifted
Shirt // Vintage
Skirt // Thrifted Refashion
Shoes // Vintage


New In - Red Dress

Here's my new red paneled dress.  It was really quick to whip up and I'm really happy with the results. Did I mention that red with orange tones are my favourite? Two pieces in a row that are very similar in colour. I have a habit of sewing in similar colours. I'm really lazy so if I already have red thread in my machine, I'll sew red things instead of re-threading...  

I don't like wearing the same exact thing multiple times. I don't mean that in an obnoxious, "I must have lots of clothes" way though. I just like pieces that have options and are versatile. That's why I tend to not like dresses. It's basically an entire outfit in one piece and not many ways of changing how it looks. That's where this dress is different. It has a loose panel down the middle (back & front) which makes it versatile. This is how it looks on its own, but add a belt, and you can really change things up. 

From sheath to a little more shape. 

  Now it's a little more architectural. 

Slight draping makes it a little more romantic. 

Or a bit of a bow to add some sass.