New In - Red Dress

Here's my new red paneled dress.  It was really quick to whip up and I'm really happy with the results. Did I mention that red with orange tones are my favourite? Two pieces in a row that are very similar in colour. I have a habit of sewing in similar colours. I'm really lazy so if I already have red thread in my machine, I'll sew red things instead of re-threading...  

I don't like wearing the same exact thing multiple times. I don't mean that in an obnoxious, "I must have lots of clothes" way though. I just like pieces that have options and are versatile. That's why I tend to not like dresses. It's basically an entire outfit in one piece and not many ways of changing how it looks. That's where this dress is different. It has a loose panel down the middle (back & front) which makes it versatile. This is how it looks on its own, but add a belt, and you can really change things up. 

From sheath to a little more shape. 

  Now it's a little more architectural. 

Slight draping makes it a little more romantic. 

Or a bit of a bow to add some sass.