Leather Jacket Refashion

I thrifted this jacket awhile ago and wore it once or twice. Would have worn it more if it wasn't for the fact that the sleeves are too short for me, a lot shorter than they look in this picture. So I decided to pull out my seam ripper and remove the sleeves. All it took was a quick finishing on the sleeves and lining and I had a new leather vest. 

Quick and fairly easy project for a perfect cool weather vest. 


Diy Ombre Tulip Candles

My attempt at creating a set of small ombre tulip candles. I wanted to try it out because I was thinking of making them as a gift for a friend. The goal was to have two of of each shade. For some reason the middle set came out not looking like the same shade... I also forgot to make sure the wax was hot enough. The tiny imperfections that you can clearly see on the one on the right is a result. Definitely a project I'm going to try again though!


Trouble In Diy - Wrap Dress

Without any type of training when it comes to sewing, sometimes I start a piece that puts me through complete and utter hell... This was my most recent project that left me thinking it might be time to start a bonfire and throw it in! I did manage to finish it after multiple days of frustration and I'm actually happy with the end result! 


Diy Red/Orange Mesh Dress

I've been obsessed with the colour of this fabric for some time now (my nails have been the colour for almost 2 months straight). The fabric of the dress is just a stretch mesh. To make the dress interesting I made it with a high neck with a bit of a bouquet at the neckline. The neckline is just a black elastic threaded through the mesh of the fabric in a bit of a semi circle. I threaded it through in a semi circle so that the part ruffling up in the middle would be longer than near the ends. I didn't make the dress with a lining which is a habit of mine. I like having the freedom of wearing different types of slips underneath transparent dresses for different effects (different colours for contrast or a slip with a low back for a barer look).

It was pretty dark when this picture was taken and the artificial light made the dress look more neon than it is in real life. 


Handmade Circle Skirt

I've decided for the next week I'm going to put up a couple of things I've sewn in the recent months. Because these were made a while ago obviously I don't have pictures of the process. I really want these projects on my blog though for cataloging purposes. Once I get these pieces up, I'll hopefully have a few projects lined up that will be more descriptive about the process. 

I made this skirt in the spring but considering it has leaves on it, it's actually the perfect fall skirt. It's just a basic circle skirt with a elastic waistband.  


Diy Dress

I know I said the next thing I made would include detailed instructions on how I did it two diys ago... But it turns out I'm a horrible person prone to flights of fancy which include sewing clothes without much know how or picture taking. I'm trying desperately to fix this problem though, so bare with me! This dress is just a simple printed tank dress that has a transparent navy layer that's connected across the top and down only one side. The print of the dress can be seen through the navy fabric and depending on how you want belt it, there can be some peekaboo action along the side.  


My new handmade sexy pencil skirt with adjustable leg slit!

Diy Pencil Skirt w/Zippered Slit

Confession, I love tweed. While out at the fabric store I saw this tweed fabric and knew I had to have it. I knew it would make a greet pencil skirt but I didn't want one that was too plain. I thought a good idea to spice it up would be a leg slit. Then I thought to make things easier for myself why not use one long zipper down the front so that it's easy to put on and the zipper could be zipped up and down to decide how much leg I wanted to show.

I made the skirt very form fitting because with the horizontal lines I didn't want to look boxy. The bottom of the skirt is tapered in so that when you open the zipper to show leg it doesn't turn into an a-line skirt. 


Studded Origami Skirt

I swear I'm going to start having detailed posts about my diys from now on. I have an issue with just doing my projects on a spur of the moment basis, hence never having pictures. But I made a post about my inspiration for this skirt so I thought I'd show that I had followed through on making something. I have my sketches I made before I started this skirt on my tumblr in case you're interested.


Fashion Week Spotlight

Source: Style.com
My favourite pieces from Robert Rodriguez Spring 2013 rtw. I really loved the shapes of the pieces in the collection. Lusting hard for the entire collection.


Diy Stitchwork Clutch

Found this perforated leather clutch for a $2 while thrifting and thought it would make a great project, all it took was some gold acrylic paint and black crochet thread. First I painted the clutch gold with a couple of coats and let it dry overnight. Then I threaded a large needle with black crochet thread and just went in and out of the holes. I did the flap horizontally and the rest of the clutch vertically to add some contrast. 

I would be lying if I said this was a quick project... I saved the stitchwork to do while watching TV so it didn't actually feel like forever even though it did take a couple of hours. All in all I'm really happy how the clutch turned out and personally I think not only does it look better but it no longer looks cheap.