Diy Red/Orange Mesh Dress

I've been obsessed with the colour of this fabric for some time now (my nails have been the colour for almost 2 months straight). The fabric of the dress is just a stretch mesh. To make the dress interesting I made it with a high neck with a bit of a bouquet at the neckline. The neckline is just a black elastic threaded through the mesh of the fabric in a bit of a semi circle. I threaded it through in a semi circle so that the part ruffling up in the middle would be longer than near the ends. I didn't make the dress with a lining which is a habit of mine. I like having the freedom of wearing different types of slips underneath transparent dresses for different effects (different colours for contrast or a slip with a low back for a barer look).

It was pretty dark when this picture was taken and the artificial light made the dress look more neon than it is in real life.