Finished - Yellow Crop Top

Following the trend of using my last usuable piece of fabric to make a crop top, here I attempted something a little different. I started cutting out pieces and sewing before I had any clue what I wanted to make. Then I didn't really have anything to close and finish off the top/vest I made. Technically it's finished but really it's in a holding stage until I find something I want to spice it up like a zipper or cool buttons. 


Diys To Try - Kitchen Diys

  1.  Macrame Spoon
  2. Diy Brushstroke Plates
  3. Diy Placemat
  4. Color Coded Cutting Boards
  5. Chalkboard Painted Spice Jars
  6. Marble & Wood Cheese Board
  7. Diy Nesting Herb Boxes
  8. Copper & Wood Serving Board
  9. Diy Leather Liquor Bottle Tags
  10. Color Blocked Spice Jars
  11. Painted Food Trays
  12. Color Blocked Bread Board

Recently I've been looking at my kitchen and thinking it needs some work. Whenever I'm looking to spice things up in the house, my first step is checking out Pinterest. These diys are perfect options to spice things up in the kitchen.  


Finished - Yellow Pencil Skirt

I'm a sucker for an eye catching pencil skirt. Something about the basic silhouette works incredibly well with a unique fabric. After making this blazer, I still had quite a bit fabric leftover to make something else. I knew the fabric itself would make a beautiful skirt I just had to decide how long I wanted it. I have a habit of making miniskirts so I decided to change things up by making a knee length pencil skirt and here it is!

Get The Style - Striped Jacket

Striped Jacket

Jaeger color block jacket, 2 655 SEK / Bazar Deluxe colorful jacket, 5 955 SEK / Etro jacket, 24 255 SEK / √Čtoile Isabel Marant woven jacket, 4 305 SEK / Boutique Moschino embroidered jacket, 7 195 SEK / Lined jacket, 1 205 SEK / Karen Millen brown coat, 3 525 SEK / MSGM jacket, 5 085 SEK / Jean Louis Scherrer green blazer, 1 490 SEK / Mango, 825 SEK / Mango, 1 060 SEK / Custommade clothing, 3 360 SEK

Turns out finding an interesting striped jacket is hard. Here are some not so basic stripes for your viewing pleasure.  


Finished - Fall Striped Jacket

Continuing on my streak of making things out of season, here is a perfect fall jacket. Yeah the jacket might seem a little out of place right now but fall comes back around every year.


Get The Style - Plaid Crop Top

Plaid Crop Top

What?!?!? A new segment???

As you might be able to tell, I love just whipping up whatever piece of clothing I want. Other people either can't or don't want to. I figured I'll try to find pieces that are vaguely similar to what I've just sewn on the interwebs from now on. I think it will be interesting to see how brands have decided to interpret the look... or to just shop. 

Finished - Plaid Crop Top

Don't get me wrong, I do LOVE crop tops, but not as much as my sewing would have you believe. I actually sew so many crop tops to counter my hoarder behaviour. Instead of keeping a small piece of fabric, that isn't enough to make much of anything, I sneak out a crop top and call it a day. When I say this is ALL I could make out of the rest of the fabric I used to make this jacket and this skirt, I'm not exaggerating.

Sometimes you just need to make something quick and simple. It helps that usually things that are pretty simple get the most wear, which is really a win-win situation