Inspiration : Origami Skirt

Origami Skirts

MUGLER red pleated skirt, 935 CAD / Staple the Label black skirt, 83 CAD / Golf skirt, 115 CAD / Black zipper skirt, 255 CAD / Eyes on my wrist / Riviera Skirt In Antique Paisley

I'm thinking my next project is going to be a fun origami skirt. I believe I'm leaning towards one similar to the paisley print at the top left corner. 


Diy Asymmetrical Dress

I recently made a fairly simple asymmetrical dress that can be worn multiple ways. 


Song of the Day

Diy Bra Straps

Recently I broke a strap on one of my front close bras. Instead of getting rid of the bra I decided to update it. Got rid of the back strap and used some buttonhole elastic for a unique effect. Now I have an interesting bra to wear with all my transparent tops or any backless pieces of clothing. 


Diy Printed Flounce Dress

Found this fabric at Value Village for $2 and thought it was a definite keeper. I decided it needed to be a fun and flirty dress. The dress itself is just a tank top pattern that I made longer and then a long rectangular piece that was gathered and sewed to the bottom. I added a navy bias tape to the hem, armholes, and neckline just to finish it off and to look more professional.

Love how the print of the dress looks like panels


Song of the Day

Diy Dress

Another super basic dress I made this summer.  The dress is actually made out of fabric I bought from a bargain bin for $1.50. I ended up having both the right side and back side shown. A simple shift dress with some contrast to spice up the dress.


Song of the Day

Diy Flower Candles

These are just from a basic flower silicon mould I have. All I had to do was dust off a paintbrush and paint the edges in a nice gold acrylic paint. 


Song of the Day

Diy Dress

Found this great abstract print at the fabric store that I absolutely fell in love with. At the time I was too lazy to attempt to sew anything extravagant, so instead I made a really easy, shapeless dress. Since the fabric is so thin it works great when belted as well. 


DIY Inspiration

Thinking about trying to make a top like this Hanne crop top. 

Song of the Day

Diy Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

I really wanted an asymmetrical skirt for my wardrobe and I thought the easiest/fastest way to do that was with a wrap skirt. 

Really like how it looks on. 


Entirely Handmade Outfit

Summer Pencil Skirt

Found these old curtains while searching through my mother's storage and thought they'd make a great summer skirt! Now I have a new skirt that was essentially free. 


Summer Crop Top

Say hello to the white crop top I made recently!