New In - Red Polka Dot Tank

I found this small piece of red polka dot fabric and decided to make a quick tank out of it. There wasn't much of it so I'm glad I managed to squeak this out. I'm also happy I have something new that's red instead of blue. This is actually my favourite shade of red too -- more of an orange toned red. 


What I Wore - Teal & Leopard Print

I keep waiting for the weather to get warm, and yet, it's not cooperating. So I managed to dress bundled up but not really at the same time.  As soon as it's no longer cold, I can't cover my legs for the life of me. Speaking of things I don't want to do but can't stop, I haven't worn anything other than these shoes in a while. They're my mother's old shoes which are in perfect condition. Not the most stylish but they're made out of the most buttery soft leather.  So until it's warm enough for sandals these aren't coming off. 


What I Wore - Matching Separates

I love wearing prints; prints are fun. I also love wearing different prints together, and If you check this outfit out, I also like wearing the same prints together. It's all blue though, which is what I think brings the outfit together. Honestly I really have to look into my blue obsession...

Blazer // Vintage
Shirt // Diy
Skirt // Vintage
Shoes // Vintage

New In - Another Transparent Top

I'm currently trying to find the perfect fit tank top. This one here is definitely the best I've ever made. This fabric is pretty sheer but the print stops it from looking too sheer. Then again, I'm not really known for shying away from sheer pieces.    


What I Wore - Mostly Vintage

Today I wore two of my favourite thrift finds together. I found this vintage silk top and loved the relaxed fit of it. It goes great with these vintage leather shorts because of it's split sides. High waisted shorts aren't exactly known for being flattering for backsides, so it's great having something covering it. The split sides of this top means I can tuck in the front and leave the back loose and long. 

The on and off rain makes the trench & hood a needed cover.  


New In - Print Wrap Dress

Say hello to my new sleeveless print wrap dress. I'm thinking it's a good dress for a summer night out. 


What I Wore - All White

Wearing all white for Good Friday. Here's to hoping I don't get myself dirty. 

A little bit of layering just to keep things interesting. 


What I Wore - Fall Colours for Dreary Spring

I'm a firm believer that a lot of season rules are a thing of the past. Go ahead and wear florals year around if you want to. I'm more into dressing for how the weather feels. If it's dreary outside, then I dress with that same feeling. With an ugly overcast day, I decided burnt orange and olive green felt right.

It was warm and ugly when I went out this morning but currently it's snowing. It's always great when the weather decides to change on you so you're not even remotely dressed weather appropriate. 


New In - Diy Abstract Print Tank

I've been working on a whole bunch of black projects that I decided I needed some colour or I'd go crazy! Say hello to my new tank top. If the print looks a little familiar, then you might be thinking of this dress I made a while ago. The tank is made from a different part of the fabric so it's more colourful than the dress.  The fabric is a bit transparent which made having the blue sections covering certain parts of the body important. Obviously I'd most likely wear it with a tank underneath but you can barely see anything with just a bra.  

I usually like my tops a little bit longer but this was really absolutely everything I had left of this fabric, so I'm lucky it's even this long. 


What I Wore - Belted Jacket

I have a confession; I have weird love of belts. My collection has over 50 different belts and continues to grow. Don't worry, I know it's unnatural. The only thing that stops me from feeling disgusted with myself is the knowledge that most of them are thrifted. With that many belts, I love to take any opportunity I can to wear one. Today I decided belting a leather jacket wouldn't be odd. Obviously not everyone would agree with me... but I did it anyways. 

As a  nice change of pace, there's finally spring weather in Montreal. The snow isn't gone but it is slowly melting. 

Pavement and exposed skin is my photographic proof of the warmer weather. 

Jacket // Danier
Belt // Thrifted
Pants // Diesel
Shoes // Vintage


New In - Transparent Long Sleeve Shirt

I had this random second hand fabric laying around that I decided to put to good use. The reason I never used it was I thought it was just a bit too cute and slightly juvenile with all the flowers. But with the summer coming, I know I'll definitely end up using a light breezy floral top.     


What I Wore - All Blue

Just a quick look at what I wore yesterday. It is definitely getting a bit ridiculous how much blue clothing I have. Absolutely no confusing what my favourite colour is. 

Sweater // Winners
Shirt // Thrifted Refashion
Pants // Winners
Shoes // Vintage
Purse // Vintage


New In - Crop Top and Skirt

I managed to get pictures of my new skirt with my new crop top. I personally wouldn't wear the two pieces together on their own because they look a little too "teenage club girl". With something on top, like this peplum blazer however, the skimpiness is toned down with just random flashes of skin peeking through. 


New In - Another Flounce Skirt

As I mentioned before, I went through my wardrobe and decided I needed some fairly basic black pieces. One thing I really wanted was a cute black skirt. I decided I needed something that was on the plainer side but not boring. Perhaps not picking the most imaginative choice, I've made myself another short flounce skirt. 

Here's just a quick look of first the front and then the back. Really excited for when the weather will finally warm up and I can put this piece into rotation. 

What I Wore - Cropped Sweater

Every once in a while you come across an article of clothing that really makes you question its use. Like what you ask? Well how about a cropped sweater. A thick sweater to keep just the very top of your body warm. Let that belly of yours freeze!

Obviously if you're like me, your closet is full of random pieces that most people would balk at. However, I think a cropped sweater is a great layering piece. What's the point of having nice tops if the whole time it's cold you never see them under sweaters and jackets? So yesterday I pulled my cropped sweater out to wear on a day where the weather was working with my outfit instead of against.    
Jacket // Le Garage
Sweater // Winners
Shirt // Winners 
Pants // Guess


New Loose Breezy Black Top

I'm getting ready for summer by making some loose tops. I know black isn't really the most summery colour but it's what my wardrobe needed. I remember years ago I used to wear nothing but dark colours but recently I've moved onto lots of colour and prints. That being said, I think it's really important to have a couple black basics in your wardrobe. So with some black fabric I had laying around, I made a really loose fitting top. 

This top is very rectangular and flowy from the front.  

 But from the side to keep things interesting, it's open to give a peak of whatever you're wearing underneath. A nice simple black tank to wear out on summer nights. 

What I Wore - Grey and Red

Spring dressing is a little different when your Canadian sometimes. You'll have days like yesterday where it's actually pretty warm (+5 and sunny) but you're still surrounded by snow. You can't pull out the fun spring clothes (like skirts or florals), but still don't want to dress depressingly wintery. Hence me going for a fun colour combo instead. 

I finally managed to get better photos of my faux fur sweater up on the blog. Love the faux fur on this sweater. The varying shades of grey and how they're blocked out, stop it from being a boring grey sweater. I think the fact that I can even consider a fur sweater could look boring, says way too much about how I like to dress.  

Sweater // Diy
Shirt // Club Monaco
Pants // Forever 21
Shoes // Converse