New In - Print Wrap Dress

Say hello to my new sleeveless print wrap dress. I'm thinking it's a good dress for a summer night out. 

This dress is made out of this Vogue pattern I bought for about $4 a while ago. They're not kidding when they say it's very easy. Everything came together quickly and without fuss. The dress is figure hugging without being tight which makes me love the pattern.

I had this fabric laying around for more than a year that I never got around to using. I saw the red, black, & white printed knit and took all of 3 seconds to decide to buy it. I definitely should have taken a couple of seconds longer to look at it because if I had, I probably wouldn't have bought it. It wasn't until I was looking at it at home that I noticed it had women drawn all over it. Once I noticed the women I actually ended up hating the print. But I bought this pattern a couple of months ago and have been itching to make a wrap dress. I have a stash at home that is verging on obscene that I'm trying to sew my way through and this was my best option. I figured with very careful consideration while cutting the pattern pieces out, I might be able to make this wrap dress without it being covered in women. 

 For once I actually didn't mean for the dress to be this short. I cut the dress out so that it would be a bit above the knees (probably 4 inches longer). But once it was all sewed together before I hemmed it, it was below my knees. The fabric itself is not thick but heavy, which meant it was stretching itself longer. I didn't really take that into consideration when I decided to cut it shorter... Without that extra weight, it ended up being shorter than I cut it. I cut off 6 inches but it ended up being 10 inches shorter... Even though I did want it to be longer, it's not a catastrophe because I do mostly wear short dresses anyways.