Adventure In Reupholstery

Rememember that time I decided it would be a good idea to reupholster something? It wasn't fun but the end result turned out a-ok. 


DIY Pencil Skirt with Fringe

(Note to self - Iron before taking pictures)

Found this blue fabric while thrifting for only $1. I immediately thought it would make a great pencil skirt, however, I didn't want it to be too boring so I used the same fabric to add a fringe. With the cost of the zipper the entire skirt ended up just costing me $3, which if I may say so myself, is pretty good.  


New In - Thrifted

Found this great silk top thrifting recently. A nice simple top that feels spectacular. 


New In - Fabrics

In the near future you'll see these projects pop up on the blog! What do we got here? These will soon be two soft crepe flirty tanks tops and a faux fur scarf. 


Faux Snakeskin Clutch

I had weird lighting when I tried to take this picture so it's not the best quality but this is a new clutch I made. I swear it looks better in person!


Hat Refashion

I bought a new hat that's almost like my old hat but a tiny bit different...