Adventure In Reupholstery

Rememember that time I decided it would be a good idea to reupholster something? It wasn't fun but the end result turned out a-ok. 

This thing of beauty is my brother's old chair. As you can tell it was just about the worst. Gross corduroy fabric that was beyond dirty/ripped and coming apart everywhere. My mother has a book on reupholstery that put the idea in my head that it might be fun to reupholster the chair! My brother had a chair that I could work on and my mother had lots of old fabric lying around to use. 

For the project I ended up spending at most $10 on everything I needed for the piping and staples. Most of what I needed for the chair was recycled. 
That includes : wood/springs (for support and fixing frame)
fabric (for chair and pillow)
zipper (for seat cushion)
tack strips
nail heads

I'm happy how it turned out considering it was my first attempt at reupholstering. The arm sleeves turned out a little wonky but all-in-all it was a great learning experience.