Get The Style // Short Black Jacket

Short Black Jackets

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration for a black jacket yourself I'm happy to supply some! I'm personal quite partial to the Barbara Bui jacket (On the first row fourth from the left).


Finshed - Black Jacket With Removable Collar

Winter coats are a must... at least when you live somewhere that is cold more often than it's warm. It's great to have options and choices to keep you warm. For some time now I've been looking around looking for a short warm winter coat. Jackets are one of the few things that I usually still buy instead of sewing. The problem is that even though bomber jackets are all the rage recently, it's almost impossible to find one warm enough to wear in winter. Since I didn't really have a choice, I decided to sew myself what I wanted. It might not look like much in this photo because I had it smooshed into my suitcase while traveling but it is exactly what I wanted. 

Considering I didn't actually have a pattern for this coat I went fancier than I usually do on a first attempt. I used a nice warm wool and an even warmer quilted lining; making it deliciously warm without being bulky. It's perfect for winter and with all the bells and whistles I added (zippers, pockets, snaps, and removable faux fur collar) I made a coat which I think is super cute. It's great having a casual jacket to wear when the occasion calls for it.


Finished - Blue Striped Linden Sweater

She might not look like much, mostly because of my bad habit of forgetting to iron before photographing my clothes, but I'm quite smitten. Say hello to my new Linden sweater. It was a quick and easy sew and I'm very happy with how it turned out. It's great adding some vaguely basic pieces to my wardrobe. A navy sweater is definitely on the basics list but this adds some interest with the texture of the stripes.


Finished - Black & White Print Button Down

My interests and likes go through waves. Right now black & white prints are a favourite of mine. I bought this one a while back during my trip home to Montreal. I really like graphic/abstract prints and this one is fairly basic but interesting. I bought a lot of the fabric so I knew I wanted to make a top with long sleeves. I purchased this McCall's pattern a long time ago and never got around to making anything out of it so I decided I would finally use it.

I can't say I like the pattern. I like the shape and fit of the body of the top but I'm not a fan of how loose fitting the sleeves are. Overall though, I like how this top came out. This print and my love of button downs ended up filling a great gap in my wardrobe. 


Finished - Transparent Black Fringe Top

I bought this fabric a long time ago and loved how fun it was. The black fringy chiffon pieces on the transparent fabric were unique and beautiful. I'm a big fan of playful fabrics and really loved the way this dress turned out. The only negative thing about party dresses is the amount of wear they get. Obviously that sucks when you really love what you made. I decided to fix that by making a very similar tank top which could get a lot more wear.

I finished this top a while ago and just never got around to showing it here on the blog. It has definitely gotten a lot of wear since I've finished it. You'd think that a transparent fringe top wouldn't be normal day wear but that's probably because you're not me. It's black so it doesn't stand out that much but the texture helps add interest to any outfit. I also personally love transparent tops because you can add a different level of interest to it by changing up what you wear underneath. You can choose different colours or styles of tanks to wear underneath which makes it look a bit different every time you wear it. You might be able to see in this photo that this time I chose a black lace bodysuit which gives it even more layers to the look. I'm a big fan of layering which makes this top a perfect addition to my wardrobe.