Diy Tartan Circle Skirt

Before Christmas Eve rolled around I realized I wanted something new and festive to wear while opening gifts with the family. This is what I ended up wearing on the lovely night. 


What I Wore - Denim on Denim on Denim?

Sometimes I don't listen to that inner voice that says, "maybe that's a little tooo much". That is how I usually end up in outfits like this one, denim on denim on denim.  Forget Canadian tuxedo, I was going for a Canadian 3-piece suit. 

Don't worry about my health guys, that's actually a winter denim trench I bought a couple years ago. It has a super thick winter lining made to be worn on cold days. One of those expensive purchases (Diesel) that you end up almost never wearing because of that one thing you don't like about it. For this jacket it's the dated looking front pockets that I'm not a fan of. 


New Manicure

Wet N Wild - Silvivor
Revlon - Timeless
NYC New York Color- Matte Me Crazy


What I Wore - Contrast Collar Coat

I thrifted this coat a while ago because I fell in love with the contrast collar. The coat wasn't even remotely my size and in desperate need of tailoring to fit me. I had never tailored a thick wool winter coat before but considering it only cost me $10 to buy, I thought it was a great chance to try. 

The below knee length coat was an extra-large and boxy mess when I bought It. I took it in the back, sides, arms, around the collar, and shortened it. It was actually a bigger/harder job than I thought it was going to be, but I really love how it turned out. The coat is double-breasted which makes it boxier and less fitted than coats I usually wear but fits nicely now that I've taken it in. In the picture I'm wearing it with the collar popped to show the contrast collar but it fits perfectly on my shoulders when I wear the collar down. 


What I Wore - Faux Fur Scarf

I've gotten lots of wear out of my faux fur scarf. This particular time I didn't wear it as a infinity scarf to show just how versatile it is. I love how the black faux fur looks nice and luxurious.   

Toques and fur for the win! Cold Canadian day requires full-on winter gear.


New In - Blue Print Bag

Love the print of this fabric and it just happens to be in my favourite colour. 


Outfit of the Day - New Vintage Capelet

Found a way to wear my new vintage capelet! It actually fits comfortably over a couple of my coats so I decided to wear it with this trench Christmas gift shopping today. 


Quick Lazy Refashion

This is one of my mother's old dresses that no longer fits her. I really liked the print and fabric but the fit was all wrong for me. The dress was too big around the arms and longer than I tend to wear dresses. I wanted to change up the dress but I didn't really want anything permanent. I took in the dress under my arms which needed to be tailored then looked into doing another alteration that would be short-term until I could really consider what I wanted.   

What I did was sew a small piece of elastic across the front a little bit below where my waist was (just sewed down at the side seams). The elastic cinched in the dress at my waist and because I sewed it in below my actually waist it raised the hem when it lies at my actual waist.  Then I just tucked the front of the dress into the elastic letting the elastic work like a belt keeping everything in place. Because of the fabric the side seams are almost invisible which means you can't even tell they're not where they're supposed to be. 

The project ended up being a quick and rather lazy refashion that took just a couple of minutes. But considering it gives me a quick dress that I can now wear and leaves my options open in the future for a different refashion I'm happy with the results!

New In - Vintage Leather Capelet

On occasions I find something that I'm not entirely sure I'll ever wear but just too enamored to not buy. Let me introduce you to something that definitely falls in that category; my new leather capelet. We'll see if It ever finds it's way into an outfit of mine!


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Diy Faux Fur Scarf

With winter officially here what could be warmer and comfier than a faux fur scarf?


Diy Leather Messenger Bag

Check out my new messenger bag! I couldn't wait to get started making something out of the leather trench I bought and managed to whip this up in record time. 


New In- Next Project

I recently thrifted this suede trench for $12 with the intention to tailor it a bit to wear. Obviously I was swayed a bit by the price because that's the only way I can explain why I bought a coat that's a horrible colour for my skin tone. My new idea is turning it into a new purse, clutch, and crop top! 


New Look

Diy Tank Top

I know I said I'd iron my pieces before I took pictures of them but technically I did. I just left the tank tossed in a heap with other things overnight to get wrinkled again. This is one of the fabrics I photographed before. It's a nice blue crepe de chine which I only really bought enough of to make a tank, which made the decision making process of what to make easy. 

It's just an easy loose fitting tank with a high neck. I didn't want it to look extremely boring so I added the slit and front seam just to break it up a bit. 

New In- Camo Pants

I already have a pair of camo jeans but these only set me back $20. I mean you can never have enough pairs of jeans... amirite?


Diy Outfit

How I wore my new cardigan a couple of days ago.

Diy Cascade Cardigan

With the looming winter I decided I desperately need a warm cardigan that would be great for layering. A quick project that I made in a great warm maroon fabric.