Diy Faux Fur Scarf

With winter officially here what could be warmer and comfier than a faux fur scarf?


- Faux fur fabric
- Backing fabric ( I used just a plain black knit I had around)
- A couple snaps (I was out of black so I used hooks)


1) Cut your two pieces out (one in the faux fur and one in the backing fabric). A tip when cutting fur is to use small snips with the end of your scissors cutting only the backing of the fur. When your faux fur piece is cut brush away any stray fur to prevent future shedding.

2) Right sides together, sew the two pieces together along all sides leaving a small gap big enough to pull the scarf right side out. In the illustration the white lines are how I sewed the two pieces together with a small gap on one end. When sewing the faux fur it's best to try to brush the fur away from the seams into the middle (especially if it's a long haired fur).

3) Pull the scarf through the small gap so it's right side out, and hand sew the gap closed. You can use a brush along the seams to pull any stray furs that are stuck in the seams. 

4) Add your snaps along the ends if you want to be able to wear it as a circle scarf. 

This is the my end product. I would have liked it better if I had used snaps but I was too lazy to go out and buy some. The hooks are well hidden though; I haven't had an issue yet of them un-hooking or getting stuck in my hair yet. I'm pretty sure I will replace the hooks when I do find a minute to buy some snaps big enough. A lot of the faux fur scarfs in stores are either just the size of collars or small cowls which wasn't what I wanted. I like the length of this because I can wear just as a scarf or hook it closed as a circle scarf twice around my neck. My favourite thing is on cold days I can wrap it around my neck with the fur against my neck and the second time with the fur on the outside making it extra comfy and warm while still looking nice. 

Faux fur is not the cheapest fabric per metre but because it comes in long spools I only needed a small piece. Since I already had the black knit and hooks the entire scarf only ended up costing me $5. So now I have a great luxe looking scarf that is cheaper than anything I would have found in a store!