Finished - Blue Fringe Top

I'm a big believer in the idea of having multiples when you find a piece of clothing you really like. When I made this orange top, I fell in love right away and barely took it off. Considering orange isn't exactly the most wearable colour it actually says a lot more about how much I really loved the top. When I bought this blue fabric I was more than excited to be able to make another version of the top in my favourite colour.

I'm still in love with the texture and asymmetry of this top but I did make a slight alteration from the previous version. In the new version I made less of a difference in the hems so that the proportions work a bit better. I love having another version of my asymmetric fringe top and it's great that I've been able to improve it a bit. 


Finished - Mint Lace Long Sleeved Top

I've been a bad blogger but I'm working on becoming better. Part of turning over a new leaf includes posting a whole bunch of old makes which I haven't gotten around to posting. First on the list is this lace long sleeve shirt. I just wanted to sew something quick and easy to wear and layer.  


Get The Style - Printed Wrap Dress

The way to my heart? Definitely a printed wrap dress. I will always love a good print and the flattering simplicity of a wrap.
  1. SportMax Wrap Dress
  2. DVF Print Mix Wrap Dress
  3. Modcloth Wrap Dress
  4. Wallis Wrap Dress
  5. Topshop Wrap Dress
  6. Tart Collections Wrap Dress
  7. DVF Chiffon Bali Wrap Dress
  8. DVF Long Sleeve Chiffon Wrap Dress
  9. Four Hundred Percent Wrap Dress
  10. Proenza Schouler Wrap Dress

Finished - Chiffon Wrap Dress

It's almost as if I sew in themes, either colours or pieces. A while ago I was having a bit of a wrap moment. I was busy sewing wraps like it was going out of style. Wouldn't want to pick favourites... but this baby right here is definitely on the list. 

When I saw this fabric I knew I wanted a dress. I love the print and wanted something that really shows it off just like this dress.