Quick Look - Asymmetrical Skirt

I realized I put my new skirt up on the blog without showing what it looks like on. Here it is dressed up and down to see how it looks both ways. 


Diy Fuzzy Toque

With the extra cold weather we sometimes get in Montreal, I've grown quite a large collection of toques - which I wear quite frequently. I realized I've never seen a faux fur toque before so I thought that might be some fun to have. I had some faux fur laying around from the refashioned coat I did, hence, my new hat. Just read through if you want to see the quick tutorial I made.    

What I Wore - New Diy Saddle Bag

I'm a little behind in photos but I wanted to throw this up on the blog just to show the bag I made the other day. Yesterday I wore my new bag out to see if that might help with the way I feel about it. This coat is kind of big and boxy so it makes the non-adjustable straps a bit shorter than they really are. Because it's winter and the thick layers are necessary, the bag isn't really resting where I'd like it to. I like the bag I just think it ended up bigger than I really wanted it to be. Now that I've made one though, I have the experience and can make another more to my liking next time.       


New In - Rings

These are some new rings I bought yesterday. They're actually from three different sets that I've mixed and matched to get this look. The whole look is close to the Balenciaga set that were everywhere a while ago. Obviously those were $800 for nice quality gold rings and these are cheapo Ardene rings. It was 4/$10 so I bought 2 sets of the thick silver in different sizes and another set of small silver rings meant to be worn higher on the finger that I've mixed and matched here. Each set has around 10 rings so there is plenty extras for different combinations. I also bought a single set of the the thicker rings in gold to complete the 4 sets for $10.   

I'm not entirely sure why my nails look so fluorescent in this photo but this has been my default nail colour recently. I had a orange/red colour (called Spring Street) from New York Color that I bought to try out just because it was cheap and looked fun. I really liked the colour itself but the cheap nail polish didn't last long. So I've upgraded to this Essie colour called Orange, It's Obvious. It's more orange than the last colour I had, but my nails haven't been another colour since. 

Blue Faux Leather Saddle Bag

Sometimes when you finish a project instead of feeling great, you feel highly disappointed. I really wanted a small blue saddle bag as a casual bag to wear once in a while. I have this great Bally saddle bag that I decided would be great inspiration.This blue faux leather fabric was bought for my asymmetrical skirt, yet there was more than enough to make something else out of the fabric. The bag I made looks almost exactly like the Bally bag I have minus a few differences. The bag I already had was a little smaller widthwise and didn't have the tassel this one has. Also this bag is missing the hardware connecting the straps to the bag and the belt like straps, complete with a belt buckle. Even though I think the bag is cute, the faux fabric and lack of hardware make this bag look slightly cheap. I really liked the fabric when used on the skirt, but on the bag it doesn't work as well. I will wear the bag, but after all the work I put in making it, I wish I was happier with it.        


Diy Asymmetrical Faux Leather Skirt

It case it wasn't obvious till now, my favourite colour is definitely blue. So when I saw this blue faux leather fabric was on sale for $3 a metre, it took me all of a second to decide to buy it. I figured the classy idea was to make a bright blue pencil skirt. To make it interesting though, I decided an asymetrical wrap skirt that hits right above the knee would be best. With the added cost of the concealed side zipper, this skirt ends up costing me less than $3. I've already started making a small purse with the rest of the fabric, but that isn't finished yet. I'll get a picture up soon on the blog to show you how it looks.   

What I Wore - Trench Vest & Camo

I've been wearing my beige coat a lot recently so this time I decided to change it up a bit. I added this great olive trench vest over it and now it looks like a new coat. Just some winter layering to keep me from getting bored and looking the same.


What I Wore - Vintage Suede Jacket

Found this jacket thrifting a while ago and absolutely fell in love. It's a bright red mini trench, what's not to love?

If the tartan on this scarf looks familiar it's because it's the same fabric I used for my Christmas skirt. Considering I bought it to make a scarf, it was much better used as a skirt.


What I Wore - Grungy Black

I added a removable faux fur collar to my leather jacket to make it look a bit different from usual. I'm also wearing my diy wide-brim hat which has to be one of my favourite purchases. Really loved it after I got rid of the the hideous rhinestones.  


What I Wore - Winter Grey

Being sick and cold today, I made sure to bundle up. It is absolutely ridiculous how much wear I've gotten out of my diy faux fur scarf this winter. The versatility of it is just perfect. 


What I Wore - New Refashioned Coat

I recently bought this coat second hand with the idea to spice it up a bit. This wasn't actually what I had in mind but I still love how it looks. The idea was to take this simple fitted black coat and add faux fur to the bottom and collar. However, once I added the faux fur to the collar I decided it would be too much having it at the bottom as well, so I left it as is. 


What I Wore - Winter Whites

Even though it doesn't look like it in this picture, the weather was nice today. Slightly overcast but warmer than it has been recently. I decided it was time to pull out my new winter coat. The coat was a gift to myself for my birthday. I love the soft muted colours of the coat that sets it apart from all the others I own. 

I decided the coat would look best with a soft muted outfit, hence all the whites and pastels. 


Diy Paisley Trousers

My new pants are definitely not for the faint of heart. 


What I Wore - Beige Layers

On busy days I just want to wear something comfy and warm. 


New Diy Trousers

Did I just use the word trousers?I guess it just felt like a better descriptor for my new dress pants that I wore today. 

New In - Sewing Book

I just finished reading the newest book in my collection. I haven't been formally trained in sewing, but considering half the clothes I wear I've either made or have tailored, it helps to learn more about the subject. I loved this book because it was a really easy read that helped teach some pretty important concepts. I would definitely recommend the book for those starting out. 


Diy Suede Foldover Clutch

New beige suede foldover clutch for my growing clutch collection. I know the studs look somewhat random in placement but it ended up being a necessary add-on. The studs are actually covering up a little mishap that occurred when the clutch was made. The choice was random stains or random studs... I chose studs.


New Manicure

Revlon -Timeless
NYC New York Color- Matte Me Crazy
NYC New York Color- Spring Street


First Project of the New Year - Chunky Knit Scarf

The -25 degrees Celsius weather made knitting a chunky knit scarf seem appropriate.