First Project of the New Year - Chunky Knit Scarf

The -25 degrees Celsius weather made knitting a chunky knit scarf seem appropriate. 

The two yarns are leftovers from other scarfs I've made. Last winter I used both of the yarns for chunky knit scarfs (the blue as a gift for my brother's girlfriend). I actually didn't end up liking the off white colour of the one I made for myself, which I suppose, is what I get for just buying whatever yarn is the cheapest. I figured if I combined the white with something else, the colour wouldn't bother me as much and I would have enough yarn for one large chunky infinity scarf.

I would love to tell you what kind of yarn I used but since they're leftovers from last year I no longer have the labels. Knitting isn't really my thing so I can't really get technical in how I made the scarf. I actually was intending to do an entirely different pattern for the scarf but when I started I forgot how to do it and ended up doing it wrong! The plan was to knit the scarf while watching the quarter-finals in the Hockey World Juniors (slap to the face of gender stereotypes maybe?). So once the games started I decided to just freestyle the scarf with absolutely no planning. I can tell you I used size 17 needles to knit 30 stitches across. I knit 15 rows of each colour 8 times.

The completed scarf is 21 inches wide by 74 inches in length. I'm happy I managed to make something I'd use out of leftovers. I think If I were to do it again I would probably make the stripes thinner though.