Diy Paisley Trousers

My new pants are definitely not for the faint of heart. 

I mentioned after sewing my last pair of pants that I had bought fabric to make another, here is the result. I'm usually not a fan of paisley fabric but I found this brocade fabric and decided to give the print a chance. I wanted a brocade fabric because I really liked the idea of having a pair of pants that were reminiscent of upholstery (yes I know, weird). When I went to the fabric store however, it didn't really have much of a selection of brocade fabrics. I loved that these had gold in them, so I decided get past my disdain for paisley.  

These were sewed out of the same Burda 7447 pattern except this time I attempted to make the legs a little slimmer and replaced the hook & bar with a button. It took a while for me to decide what kind of print placement I wanted before I cut out the pattern. I was really worried about having the wrong part of the paisley print near my crotch or the back center seam. I think I managed to avoid having any really weird print issues in those areas though. I mean paisley is a pretty weird print so there is always going to be something interesting happening at the seams.