New In - Rings

These are some new rings I bought yesterday. They're actually from three different sets that I've mixed and matched to get this look. The whole look is close to the Balenciaga set that were everywhere a while ago. Obviously those were $800 for nice quality gold rings and these are cheapo Ardene rings. It was 4/$10 so I bought 2 sets of the thick silver in different sizes and another set of small silver rings meant to be worn higher on the finger that I've mixed and matched here. Each set has around 10 rings so there is plenty extras for different combinations. I also bought a single set of the the thicker rings in gold to complete the 4 sets for $10.   

I'm not entirely sure why my nails look so fluorescent in this photo but this has been my default nail colour recently. I had a orange/red colour (called Spring Street) from New York Color that I bought to try out just because it was cheap and looked fun. I really liked the colour itself but the cheap nail polish didn't last long. So I've upgraded to this Essie colour called Orange, It's Obvious. It's more orange than the last colour I had, but my nails haven't been another colour since.