Blue Faux Leather Saddle Bag

Sometimes when you finish a project instead of feeling great, you feel highly disappointed. I really wanted a small blue saddle bag as a casual bag to wear once in a while. I have this great Bally saddle bag that I decided would be great inspiration.This blue faux leather fabric was bought for my asymmetrical skirt, yet there was more than enough to make something else out of the fabric. The bag I made looks almost exactly like the Bally bag I have minus a few differences. The bag I already had was a little smaller widthwise and didn't have the tassel this one has. Also this bag is missing the hardware connecting the straps to the bag and the belt like straps, complete with a belt buckle. Even though I think the bag is cute, the faux fabric and lack of hardware make this bag look slightly cheap. I really liked the fabric when used on the skirt, but on the bag it doesn't work as well. I will wear the bag, but after all the work I put in making it, I wish I was happier with it.