New Diy Trousers

Did I just use the word trousers?I guess it just felt like a better descriptor for my new dress pants that I wore today. 

I made the pants in a size 12 out of this Burda pattern, only altering the length of the legs (I added 3 inches) I read that this was a good pattern that was easy to follow along. I've never sewn a welt pocket before, so I didn't really find the instructions clear or really all that helpful. I had to spend some time on the internet figuring out how to do it. Otherwise sewing my first pair of pants wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. I made my pants out of a fairly stiff polyester which worked out great for me. I've already bought some new brocade fabric to make another pair of pants with the same pattern. Next time I think i'm going to make the legs a little more fitted though.