Finished - Transparent Black Fringe Top

I bought this fabric a long time ago and loved how fun it was. The black fringy chiffon pieces on the transparent fabric were unique and beautiful. I'm a big fan of playful fabrics and really loved the way this dress turned out. The only negative thing about party dresses is the amount of wear they get. Obviously that sucks when you really love what you made. I decided to fix that by making a very similar tank top which could get a lot more wear.

I finished this top a while ago and just never got around to showing it here on the blog. It has definitely gotten a lot of wear since I've finished it. You'd think that a transparent fringe top wouldn't be normal day wear but that's probably because you're not me. It's black so it doesn't stand out that much but the texture helps add interest to any outfit. I also personally love transparent tops because you can add a different level of interest to it by changing up what you wear underneath. You can choose different colours or styles of tanks to wear underneath which makes it look a bit different every time you wear it. You might be able to see in this photo that this time I chose a black lace bodysuit which gives it even more layers to the look. I'm a big fan of layering which makes this top a perfect addition to my wardrobe.