What I Wore - Matching Separates

I'm slightly worried I might end up wearing way to many crop tops this summer. I absolutely love how light and summery they are. I also have a habit of randomly sewing crop tops out of scraps of fabric that would otherwise have gone unused. So to save face, I won't mention how many I own. I personally only wear crop tops so I end up showing only a sliver of skin. Haven't done enough (by enough, I mean any) crunches to wear them any other way.

I like this outfit because it's slightly differrent from what I usually wear. Yellow is one of the few colours I do not have much of in my closet. With my skin tone being very yellow plus the blond hair, wearing yellow ends up feeling like too much. But the varying shades in the floral print happens to be one of the few times yellow has looked fine on me.  

Crop Top // Vintage
Skirt // Vintage