Diy Mousepad

It's been ridiculously long since I've done a proper tutorial on here. Dusting off the cobwebs and showing you a super quick and easy project where all you need is some fabric, cardboard, and glue. 

You might recognize this fabric since it's been on the blog a few times. I used it for the pleated crop top and the matching pleated skirt. I originally bought the fabric to make a slip cover for a sofa that's in my workroom. The cardboard is from some boxed wine because I'm the type of classy lady that drinks boxed wine. All I had to do was cut out a cardboard rectangle in the size I wanted and a piece in the fabric slightly bigger. After that all you have to do is glue the fabric to the cardboard. Personally I chose to sew the fabric to the cardboard instead but that was just because I knew I'd like the look better.