What I Wore - Crochet Dress

I bought this "dress" a while ago and always manage to find a chance to wear it. I found it at a Le Chateau outlet store for only $5 I think. It's actually an extra large... which explains the bunching on the arms. It's probably just a sweater, but this is how it fits me, so this is how I wear it! 
Whenever I get dressed I always have in mind a piece I want to wear and just pick an outfit around that piece. Today it was my new H&M sandals. They were on sale for $7 so I bought them on a whim.  I'm actually thinking of refashioning them a bit because I'm not really a pink gal. Stay tuned and maybe you'll see them again slightly different looking. 

Crochet Dress // Le Chateau
Dress // BCBG
Sandals // H&M