New In - Pleated Skirt

I should probably be embarrassed by how far behind my blog is compared to my instagram. This is what happens you're super busy and a bad blogger; you get distracted and forget to post what you have. Forgive me and feast upon a newish skirt to my wardrobe. 

I posted a while ago here that I wanted to make a pleated skirt. The initial plan always involved the same fabric I ended up using, but the look ended up being entirely different. I actually made pleats for half the skirt but decided I didn't like the look at all. The busy print fabric and the pleats ended up being entirely too much for a single skirt. I decided to cut the pleats in half and just add them to the bottom of the skirt, which I actually really love!

I really love how the pleats just emphasize the bottom of the skirt. Because the fabric itself is pretty thick, they don't move (The fabric holds the pleats well and they stay in place) and really just add texture to the skirt. The construction involves a fairly basic skirt with just the pleats to set it apart. The only thing I did differently for my liking, was to sew the side pleats down to stop it from getting too voluminous.