Beige Print Jacket

I have a bad habit of not having all the pictures I need for one post on a piece I’ve sewed. I like blogging semi-regularly, so I try to get things up even if it's not exactly a full post. I’m trying to get a routine going of blogging regularly to feel more productive. That being said, I did manage to get pictures of what my last post looks like worn.  

Loved the last version of this jacket so much I wasn't prepared to like this one even more. I know the other version will get more wear because how much I wear blue and how easy it will match most of my wardrobe. But if anything will encourage me to change my habit of not wearing beige, it will definitely be this! I've always been a fan of more geometric prints so this is right up my alley. What I also like about this jacket is that it feels perfectly spring. A great piece to wear when the weather starts getting warmer but hasn't crossed over to actually being warm. 

The fit of this pattern also makes it a winner in my book. Cascade sweaters/jackets have a tendency to be really loose fitting, but this version happens to be slimmer fitting. I don't like tight tops but I also don't like pieces that are too loose and this straddles that line.