New In - Diy Cascade Jacket

I liked my last version of this jacket so much I figured why not make another? I thought this one would work better because this fabric is more lightweight and has more drape. With spring just around the corner, a jacket in a lighter colour would be nice to have. Since I've already made this jacket twice before (here & here), it was a quick and easy sew.  The only thing I did different was in the cutting of the pattern pieces. To save fabric I cut the body in a different direction from the sleeves. 

The cascade part drapes more naturally on this version. That extra drape, plus the print, makes this version a lot more fun. 

Once again, questioning putting a snap or something to give the option of closing it up. Mostly I added this picture to give a glimpse of how fun the print is. I love the the difference between how it looks vertically on the body and horizontally on the sleeves.