Clothing Pet Peeves

I should probably mention I have really specific likes when it comes to clothes. There is a long list of things I like to wear and how I like things to fit. I'm pretty sure that is why I like making my own clothes instead of buying. That side of me came into play when I bought this sweater. I've never been one to own many sweaters, weird considering I've always lived in cold cities, but I've fixed that a bit this winter with a couple purchases. I found this sweater on sale at H&M a while back and quickly snapped it up.  I bought it even though the zipper pully made my eye twitch. I have a very odd aversion to matching light colours with dark colours. So the fact there is a white zipper pull with this entirely dark knitted sweater drove me nuts.

A quick snip with my scissors fixed that problem supper quick. Someone else might have left it there, but it was driving me insane. Being weirdly picky with my clothes is something that I've always dealt with in different ways. I know everyone has different preferences and clothing pet peeves I just thought I'd share one of mine.