What I Wore - Black & Grey

Happy New Year!!! I realize i am a couple days late but what’s the point of the holidays if you can't have them off? I tend to not recognize the New Year until my birthday, it’s a habit of being an early January baby. 

So far this winter, on the cold days, I have been living in this grey coat. Technically it's my mother's, but she has parted from it, so I’ve been wearing like it is mine. Most of the clothes I can wear in the cold are either black or grey so it has worked out.  Pairing the grey coat with the all black look stops it from looking too dark and moody.

The New Year signals new posts. I have quite a few things in the woodwork for the blog. I'm sure just like every other blogger, I've started the new year with the goal of posting regularly and more often. See you guys soon with more diys, outfits, and fashion posts!