Diys To Try - Planters and Vases

After years of steering clear of plants, I've recently fallen madly in love with all things green.  Gone are the days when I used to kill anything that required soil. I guess with age has come the maturity of remembering to take care of plants. With this new found green thumb, I've also become obsessed with planters and vases. Here's a couple fantastic diys I've found to offer a bit inspiration for this weekend. If you're interested you can always follow along with my favourite diys on my Pinterest Board // Diy

  1. Marble Dipped Vase
  2.  Leather Wrapped Planter
  3.  Gold Leaf Vase
  4.  Balsa Wood Planter
  5.  Honeycomb Planter
  6.  Colour Blocked Planters