Just Finished - Blue Cascade Sweater

Once again I've been lagging behind so the use of the word "just" isn't quite fair. But anyhow I'm getting around to showing off my new sweater. I found the fabric for this sweater at one of my favourite second hand shops and really loved the texture it had in the stripes. It keeps the fabric from being boring dark blue cotton. I knew right away that I wanted to make a sweater out of it.

I've used this McCall's pattern multiple times already (here, here, and here) but this is the first time I've used a different version of the pattern. I did make the front pieces less wide because I didn't want it to hang as low as the pattern was designed. Other than that I also added the brighter blue bias tape for a little more visual interest and made a quick belt in case I wanted to wear it closed. With the ridiculously cold weather we've been having I've gotten more than my fair wear out of this.