Diy Recycled Necklace

My new diy necklace made out of scraps of fabric and old wooden drapery rings. 

- Jump rings (4)
- Chain
- Lobster clasp
- 5 drapery rings
- Scraps of fabric (or you could use ribbon)
- Pliers
- Glue ( I personally sewed the fabric)
- Ribbon 

Step 1
Remove the screws from three of the rings.

Step 2
Wrap the rings in your fabric (or ribbon) and glue the end down. My pieces of fabric were cut into about 2 inch strips. I left the fabric the way it was even though it frayed quite a bit. If you don't like that look, you could just fold the fabric strips in half and let the folded side wrap over the frayed edges for a crisper look. I personally just used a couple of stitches to  close the ends down instead of glue. 

Step 3
Connect the rings in the configuration you'd like. You could glue the rings together or just tie them together with ribbon.

Step 4
Connect the jump rings to the screws of the drapery rings and close the necklace with your clasp.

This is what my final product looked like. I don't have too many measurements because a lot of it depends on the supplies you have and how you want it to hang. I'm quite happy I found something to do with some of the random supplies I had lying around.