Earring/Brooch Frame

A great picture frame to showcase earrings and brooches!

Contrary to the way I dress, my decoration style is more minimalism and modern. The theme of my bedroom is very modern/abstract. Part of that theme includes four picture frames I have from IKEA of abstract art. Being the accident-prone klutz I am I recently broke a frame I had In my room that was part of the set. To not ruin the balance I took down one but kept two. Since the broken frame no longer had the art or glass, I decided it would make a great project. 

Since the frame matches the others that are already hanging it would go well with my decor. I decided I would love a piece to hold and show off my brooches. I first had to fix my frame but this is a quick project for those who already have one in good condition to work with!

- Frame
- Fabric (make sure the fabric isn't too thick)

Step 1
Place the frame on top of your piece of fabric. Cut the fabric to fit your frame but make sure to leave around an inch of allowance along all the edges. 

Step 2
Place the fabric within the frame stretching it out so it's a bit taunt and staple it to the frame. I started with the four corners of the fabric then proceeded to staple the rest along the sides with about 3/4 of an inch spacing. The spacing of the stapling depends on how thick your fabric is. Just do whatever is necessary so that no gaps appear between your fabric and the frame. 

The frame is a great way to showcase some of your jewelry pieces. I decided that mine would be used for both my earrings and brooches. Since the fabric is thin it's really easy to just push the earrings through it. The only issue I had is that I didn't have as many earrings as I thought!