Busy Decorating

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. It's weird how you don't realize how long it's been or how infrequently you've blogged until you're about to write a new post. I've been a tad busy with other things that I haven't really had time to take pictures. Without pictures it doesn't really make sense coming here to tell you about it. Hopefully that is going to change from here on out. 

Recently I've been busy with some home reno and decoration. Currently I'm concentrating on a craft/sewing room which I think is going to have a muted country chic look. Generally that hasn't really been my kind of decor (I'm personally more of a modern/abstract gal) but the ceiling is wood paneled and that lends itself more to a country decor. The decorating of the room is going to be a slow building process instead of the two day heavy duty reno ordeal that took place (painted the walls white, removed the carpet, and installed laminate wood flooring). The plan for the room is to be light and airy with a white, neutral, and green colour theme. I really want the room to be comprised of mostly second hand and diy pieces. At this moment, I'm focusing on pieces to go on the shelving unit. I would like the shelves to be full of craft books/magazines, cute storage boxes, and nice vases. So I took a quick trip to a local thrift store to see if I could find some pieces. 

The amount of vases and ceramic pots the owner of the thrift store had was dizzying. The goal was to find a couple that matched but weren't too similar. I decided to go for beige and white ones with some texture and luckily I found three that worked. It always, without fail, manages to make me happy to find things second-hand and cheap (about $2 each) that looks like neither. Stay tuned, I plan on blogging about the process and diy projects that will fill the room in the future. However, I already have a sewing project that is already finished that is just waiting to be blogged about!