Finished - Matelasse Shawl Collar Blazer

Since I've been slacking in the blogging department I've never gotten around to showing you my newest blazer. My first post of 2016 is a project from 2015 I never got around to posting.  If you follow my Instagram then you know it doesn't actually fit into the Just Finished category (so here's a new category... just "finished") but what the heck, here it is!

This particular fabric I actually found while thrifting. I had seen it a couple of times at one of my favourite second hand stores but didn't end up buying it for quite a while. I really liked the fabric but I'm not a fan of wearing yellow. I did end up buying it because there was quite a bit of it and I thought it had a gorgeous texture. 

I liked the thickness and how it looked vaguely quilted. Basically I thought it would make a really cute jacket. I decided I was going to make a blazer out of it. I dusted off a Vogue pattern I used before (here). I actually hate the pattern itself (last time I used the pattern it ended up horrendously). I hate the pattern itself because I hate how many darts it has (32 in total). I personally hate sewing darts for some reason, so I saved myself some trouble by making the jacket unlined (mostly because I didn't have anything to line it with on hand). I made some slight changes to the pattern from last time I used it. I made it smaller across my chest, the waist higher, the sleeves longer, and the jacket longer. I think if I were to make it again I would also make the sleeves tighter as well.

I definitely like how it turned out. The look and the fit is exactly what I was going for. It actually fits better across the shoulders than in this picture because I was messing with it while taking the picture and folded the collar wider than it should be.