Finished - Striped Winter Coat

As someone who has always lived somewhere that has cold winters, I have a special place in my heart for a winter coat. Considering for a large chunk of the year all anyone sees is your coat, I'm a big believer in having a few to wear. It's taken couple of weeks to share but here's a look at my newest coat. 

I managed to find this thick striped fabric at a local store during the summer and really fell in love. The variety of stripes in the print and the colour combination look unique and lovely together. As luck would have it, it was also on sale (the beauty of buying out of season). I didn't manage to find something to use for lining in any of the colours for the price point I wanted so I settled for this dark green colour instead. But all in all, I think the two go great together. 

The jacket itself is mostly from a McCall's pattern (M6657). I changed the collar and the pockets but those are the only changes I made to the pattern. The only big decision I had was if I was going to attempt match the stripes throughout the coat. In the end I only matched the stripes on the facings to the front pieces. The coat itself came together fairly easy and quickly. 

It's nice having a coat in my wardrobe that has more colour to it. I love colour and it's ability to make me feel happier just wearing it. I'm feeling a little too Scandinavian with all the black and nuetral I own. I've already worn this coat plenty of times when I've wanted something less dull for the snowy days.